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Bounty Hunter Lani

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Chrono Trigger Fanfiction
The Parasite Timekeeper- We all know the story of how past, present, and future worked together to preserve the world’s outcome. So now, time has settled itself and everything will stay in it’s course to make for years of beautiful prosperous life..... but perhaps not. What if there was a glitch. Perhaps the one person who really brought meaning to the group was no more. The one person who really brought the time and the desired events together was not able to fulfil their task........

Then, what if a certain evil being didn’t think that a future of no troubles was relevant.....but what if there was a bigger reason. Someone sucking certain events from times past. And if there was a way to go back and stop the glitch, would they really be able to save a life? Would they be able to make the correction in time and make everything as it was? Or would there be a new controller of time?
Chapter 1: The Beginning - March 29th, 2002

Final Fantasy 7 Fanfiction
ReviewedThe Flight of the Honey Bee
The Flight of the Honey Bee - March 29th, 2002

Final Fantasy 9 Fanfiction
ReviewableBeyond Duty- Beatrix's thoughts before and after finding "Steiner's loverletter".
Beyond Duty - March 29th, 2002

ReviewableUntouchable- A very short analysis if Amarant's character told through Lani.
Untouchable - March 29th, 2002

Final Fantasy 10 Fanfiction
Blessed Day- Told by Yuna, this is the story of her love for Tidus. It takes you from the wedding til the end.
Chapter 1 - March 29th, 2002
Chapter 2 - July 4th, 2002

ReviewableThat Moment- The day that Chappu left for war, many things were left unresovled between his blood and his love. What happened that day that make Lulu and Wakka so remorseful?
That Moment - March 29th, 2002

Their Story- This is the story of Braska's Pilgrimage as documented by the Jecht spheres and with filled gaps. This story portrays the events that brought Braska, Auron, and Jecht together and completes the events of their journey. I meant for this to follow the game as closely as possible.
Chapter 1 - May 9th, 2002
Chapter 2 - July 4th, 2002

Chrono Trigger Fanfic
Final Fantasy 7 Fanfic
Final Fantasy 9 Fanfic
Final Fantasy 10 Fanfic