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ReviewedA King, And His Tools- A small group makes their way up a mountain, one of their number having recently perished, sacrificing himself for them. They now ascend a mystical mountain, in order to bring this one back.

Except for one among them. One who is with them, and not with them. One whose attention lies elsewhere.

He has been called by many names and titles in his life: some would call him wizard, for the power that courses through his body, and that is his, and only his, to wield; others would call him murderer, for the lives he has taken without remorse; and still others would call him savior, for reasons he himself, would find foolish. But no matter the name, no matter the title, he is Magus.

These are the thoughts and actions of this man, as he ascends this mountain.
A King, And His Tools - December 13th, 2000, revised July 26th, 2001

Chrono Trigger Fanfic