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Hello and welcome to my corner of Brian's wonderful fanfiction library. My pen name is Mox, but you can feel free to call me by my given name, Mike. As for the required bit about myself, I'm a finance/economics student at the University of Notre Dame, where I play trombone in the marching band and occasionally frequent the Dance Dance Revolution machine in the arcade. I originally hail from New York, which is where I hope to return upon completion of my undergraduate schooling.

Moving on to the reason you're here -or at least why I hope your here- I'd like to say a word about my fanfiction for a minute. I've been at this writing thing since freshman year in high school and the stories I write are basically a culmination of one person's overactive imagination and lack of better things to do. They began when I found that there were certain things about Chrono Trigger that I wanted to explore more in depth, most notably the origins of Lavos. What followed was the development of an entire galaxy with a growing history of over ten millennia worth of events. I write within a continuum and my stories all are contained in this universe. These stories often tie in with the excellent work of Nightsong, Cain and Nanaki, the other authors who write in this universe. Our World of Imagination is a living, growing thing, and I urge you to read all of the works contained within it.

Okay, enough of the banter. Get on and read my work! I need feedback, ladies and gentlemen. It's the only way I know if I'm getting better and if people are actually reading this stuff that I spend so much of my time on. Please don't hesitate to drop me a line because I'd love to hear from you. In the mean time, check out my website at for the most up to date library of my work. Additionally, I am a member of the Fantasy Finale Arts association. We are a group of affiliated sites for writers, authors and musicians. I also urge you to visit our homepage at and possibly even visit the forum. Until later, this is Mox, signing out.

Chrono Trigger Fanfiction
Content Warning!Chrono Trigger: The Planeswalkers- Everybody knows of the story of Chrono and his friends (if not, then I don't know what you're doing here) and how they fought Lavos and saved the world. But, what if there were others fighting Lavos as well? Maybe they just got beat to the punch. And the question still remains: one of Lavos's species is destroyed, but does that end the treat?

Now consider what people would do in the year 1999 once Lavos struck. Would they just sit on their butts and watch the world slip into a nuclear winter? Of course not! They would try to fight it too! Now, what happens when one young man's desire to return home turns into the biggest struggle of them all: the struggle against destiny.

Do we really control our lives, or are we just puppets in a play? Are all of our lives laid out before we are born, or can we break free of the current of fate? That is the question that 18 year old Jack McKlane asks himself as his journey unfolds. Now, I can only give one piece of advice: Accept your Destiny.
Notes - August 2nd, 1999, revised December 13th, 2000
Chapter 1: Of Teacher and Students - August 2nd, 1999
Chapter 2: Questionable Futures - September 22nd, 1999
Chapter 3: Where, or is it When, are We? - September 22nd, 1999
Chapter 4: Captured?! - November 1st, 1999
Chapter 5: A First Kill - November 1st, 1999
Chapter 6: Escape! - November 8th, 1999
Chapter 7: We Just Keep Meeting People Like This, Don't We? - November 8th, 1999
Chapter 8: New Weapons, New Troubles - November 25th, 1999
Chapter 9: Might and Magic - November 25th, 1999
Chapter 10: A Ruined Future? - November 25th, 1999
Chapter 11: A New Plan - December 25th, 1999
Chapter 12: Is This Destiny? - December 25th, 1999
Chapter 13: Winds of Magic - January 1st, 2000
Chapter 14: Infiltration - January 1st, 2000
Chapter 15: Into the Depths of Hell - April 3rd, 2000
Chapter 16: Not Again! - April 3rd, 2000
Chapter 17: Meeting the Magus - April 3rd, 2000
Chapter 18: Lost in Time - April 3rd, 2000
Chapter 19: Battle of the Blue Hairs - June 27th, 2000
Chapter 20: Interrogation - June 27th, 2000
Chapter 21: The Kingdom of Zeal - June 27th, 2000
Chapter 22: The Dreamstone Blade - June 27th, 2000
Chapter 23: Realizations - December 13th, 2000
Chapter 24: Drunken Confessions - December 13th, 2000
Chapter 25: Speeches of Destiny - December 13th, 2000
Chapter 26: Assassinations and Modifications - December 13th, 2000
Chapter 27: Secrets of the Dreamblade Revealed - December 13th, 2000
Chapter 28: The Battle of Truce - December 13th, 2000
Chapter 29: Of Lavos Born - December 13th, 2000
Chapter 30: Chaos - December 13th, 2000
Chapter 31: Wings of Fate - December 13th, 2000
Chapter 32: Back to the Beginning and Together Again - March 15th, 2001
Chapter 33: The Eve Before the Great Life or Death Struggle - March 15th, 2001
Chapter 34: Lavos! - March 15th, 2001
Chapter 35: Back to the Beginning and All Over Again - March 15th, 2001
Chapter 36: Aspiration to Destruction - March 15th, 2001
Chapter 37: Negotiations - March 15th, 2001
Chapter 38: In the Beginning of Time - March 15th, 2001
Chapter 39: A Tale of Temporal Training - March 15th, 2001
Chapter 40: Planeswalker - March 15th, 2001
Epilogue - March 15th, 2001
Credits - July 19th, 2001, revised September 9th, 2001

Content Warning!Chrono Trigger: Twins of Destiny- It is two years after the creation of the Lavoid Exterminatorum Adeptus and all seems to be going smoothly according to the will of its creator. Lavoids are dying and the organization is growing. On top of that, Jack McKlane was on the verge of a breakthrough that would provide the Adeptus a spell that should be capable of destroying a Class B. They were making headway in their crusade, yet, something new was now wrong.

On some backwater planet known in the Dominion records as Celes, something new has appeared. In fact, it seems to be two things. Defying probability in their very existence in this time stream, two young men, separated by half a world, would be finding that they hold the key to a planet's history.

So now what will become of young Tyrion and Teclis as they get drawn into a political intrigue bigger than both of them? More importantly, perhaps, is why can't Elosia's Epitorum see through the veil of time with her prophetic powers? What happened to this planet and why are the Lavoids so interested in it? Find out soon, in Chrono Trigger: Twins of Destiny
Author's Notes - April 16th, 2002, updated October 19th, 2002
Prologue - March 15th, 2001
Chapter 1: Child of Fate - March 15th, 2001
Chapter 2: Scheming - May 23rd, 2001
Chapter 3: Hidden Machinations - May 23rd, 2001
Chapter 4: The First Casualty - June 18th, 2001
Chapter 5: Newly Enlisted - June 18th, 2001
Chapter 6: Two of a Kind - June 18th, 2001
Chapter 7: On the Move - July 19th, 2001
Chapter 8: And on the Run - July 19th, 2001
Chapter 9: Crystain and Captors - September 9th, 2001
Chapter 10: Past Recollections - December 1st, 2001
Chapter 11: Double Crosses and Double Takes - December 1st, 2001
Chapter 12: Behinds the Scenes - December 1st, 2001
Chapter 13: Black Wings Arise Again - April 16th, 2002
Chapter 14: Hitchhikers - February 27th, 2003
Chapter 15: Research - February 27th, 2003
Chapter 16: Stars - February 27th, 2003
Chapter 17: Inside Information - February 27th, 2003
Chapter 18: The Saidiar - February 27th, 2003
Chapter 19: The Past - February 27th, 2003
Chapter 20: Mission Plans - February 27th, 2003
Chapter 21: The Lines Drawn Together - February 27th, 2003
Chapter 22: Underground and Under Pressure - February 27th, 2003
Chapter 23: Confrontation - February 27th, 2003
Chapter 24: Lavoid Slave! - February 27th, 2003
Chapter 25: Destiny's Twins - February 27th, 2003
Epilogue - February 27th, 2003

Content Warning!Flames of Vengeance: Symphony of Chaos- The Lavoid Exterminatorum Adeptus had long been the primary fighting force against the biological monstrosities called the Lavoids. However, long after the LEA's end, there are still forces who continue to resist the Lavoids with whatever means necessary. While almost all of the knowledge of the LEA has been lost to the ages, the will to fight against those who would oppress still lives on.

In a time where the Lavoid Exterminatorum Adeptus and Lathain of Zeal are little more than fairy tales, some of their legacy lives on. The indomitable will of Man and Planeswalker continues to fight against the forces of Chaos and the forces of evil.

Now, one man will continue in his own private vendetta against the Lavoids, no matter what the price. His quest to seek revenge will undo the balance of power that has formed over the last 1500 years, and it will bring new freedoms, new burdens, and new realities. Does Chaos really control all, or is there more Order to things than it sometimes seems?

This is what Duncan McKlane will ask, and then only Destiny will be able to answer.
Author's Notes - April 16th, 2002
Foreword - February 27th, 2003
Prologue - April 16th, 2002
Book I- A Need for Vengeance
Chapter 1: The Test of Time - April 16th, 2002, revised February 27th, 2003
Chapter 2: Art of a Master - April 16th, 2002, revised February 27th, 2003
Chapter 3: The Order Gathers - February 27th, 2003
Chapter 4: Problems Addressed - February 27th, 2003
Chapter 5: Ceremony - February 27th, 2003
Chapter 6: Informant - February 27th, 2003
Chapter 7: Assassination - May 6th, 2003
Book II- A Means to an End
Chapter 8: Factions - August 7th, 2005
Chapter 9: Swordmasters - August 7th, 2005
Chapter 10: The White Tower - August 7th, 2005
Chapter 11: The Pact - August 7th, 2005
Chapter 12: Coffee Talk and Gene Pools - August 7th, 2005
Chapter 13: The Wheels Begin to Turn - August 7th, 2005
Chapter 14: Kidnapper - August 7th, 2005

The Purge- The might of the LEA has been acting upon the evil that is the Lavoid race for years now, yet most of their actions on a planet are normally kept highly secretive. In 2235 ES, though, one Inquisitor from the Sol Dominion will get the chance to see how the LEA deals with an infested world so all of those skeptical can shudder and fear...
The Purge - April 16th, 2002

Content Warning!Chrono Trigger: Times of War- In 600ad Humans were engaged in a seemingly everlasting war against a magical race known as the Mystics. Like any war, it was a time of Heroes, Villains, and Tragedy. People in the present look back on this war and can only remember that we won that war against the Mystics, but was the fact that we won all that lay within this epic saga?

What if the war with the Mystics wasn't the only war the humans were fighting in? What if the inner workings of the government was actually caught up in it's own struggle for power in the confusing time of war. What is the King's Guard and what is the real truth about the story of Aragorn Lestrides?

Join me, now as we head back in time to a period of Knights and Wizards, of Good and Evil. Join me, as we go back to see the unfolding plot of young Aragorn Lestrides. Join me, as we travel back to the Times of War.
Prologue - April 3rd, 2000
Chapter 1: The New Knight - June 27th, 2000

Slayers Fanfiction
Slayers TIME- Welcome to a world of swords and magic. A world of wizards and golems. A world of gallant mercenaries and cute, hair triggered little sorceresses who possess far too much power for those with such violent mood swings. Welcome, friends, to the world of The Slayers.

For thousands of years, the world has been dominated by two opposing forces: the powers of the Dragons and the powers of the Mazoku. In an age where it is believed that Time itself is split and the powers of the Dragons and Mazoku are falling out of balance, watch closely as the third piece of an ancient puzzle finally comes into play and a riddle dating back to the beginning of time is solved.
Author's Notes - May 6th, 2003
Prologue - May 6th, 2003
Chapter 1: A Calm Before the Storm - May 6th, 2003
Chapter 2: The First Drops of Rain - May 6th, 2003
Chapter 3: A Growing Wind - May 6th, 2003

Chrono Trigger Fanfic