Brian Caughell

I'm 20, and have been video gaming since I was three. (Atari VCS. The 2600 to all you young'uns.) My philosophy: "a Great RPG is like a Fine Wine. Or Cheese." Imagine that printed on a million bumper stickers. CT has to be one of my all-time favorite RPGs, ranking up there with Phantasy Star. Still hoping for a CT sequel, and hopefully it will feature the same characters (not succumbing to Final Fantasy Syndrome.)

Reviewed3rd Annual Meeting Of The Local Imp's Union, Guardia Chapter- For my first fanfic submission, I tried a different angle for the CT story. This is based around the minutes of a meeting of the Imps' Union, assuming they have the intelligence to form one. You know the Imps, they are always the little buggers you destroy just to put them out of their pathetic existence. They come in many varities, blue, green, roly-rider, etc. I'm hoping someone will put together an encyclopedia of all the CT monsters, and devote an entire volume to the Imps, just to give them a reason for existing.
3rd Annual Meeting Of The Local Imp's Union, Guardia Chapter - August 23rd, 1998

Signs You Play Chrono Trigger Too Often- I'm surprised I haven't come across one of these yet (or have I?)- I'm sure we all are guilty of one thing or another on this list. Feel free to add your own experiences to the list.
Signs You Play Chrono Trigger Too Often - August 23rd, 1998

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