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'Ello! Er, reading some of my stories!? *blinks* Wow! Cool! heheh! A little bit about me? Well, I'm currently 18 years of age (As of feburary 22 of 2001!) and I'm your typical teenage outcast. Of which, of course, does nothing but play RPG's all day and draw random stupid crap! MWHAHAHAHH!!! Normally everyone knows me as Rap's, the raptor queen of rutha, but my pen name on Icy's site is Athana SoulFire! (One of my two alterego's. heh. Being that my REAL name is Jennifer, and I just happen to have many multiple personalities...) other then above.. whhhhaaa.... uuhhh.... I guess there ain't much else to say! Hehhe!!! I have a website though ( and I'd be happy if you stopped by. Everyone keep writing! Afterall, you can only get better- right!? To those waiting for further chapters of Demon's Awakening (my ff8 fanfic) I appreciate your patience and promise more is on the way. ^_^

Chrono Trigger Fanfiction
- Magus stands upon a distant cliff, and finds his thoughts begin to wander. VERY short- kind of bittersweet.
Reminiscing - December 13th, 2000, revised September 9th, 2001

Final Fantasy 8 Fanfiction
Demon's Awakening- This ff8 story was something I decided to write one day while just playing the game. You know- one of those things which happens when your not at ALL satisfied with an ending! I wanted more insight into the characters, I wanted to know what happened afterwards, and so what did I decide to do? Yeah- write a fanfic. *smiles*

What will this story be about? A Quick description for the curious...

Basically, The sorceress Ultimicia was one that tried to crush all who'd chance to threaten her power. Far before Squall, Rinoa and company were thrust into that entire plot which would become one of our favorite video games *grins* - Ultimicia banished her half-sister to a realm of the underworld when her powers began to compromise even her own. There- Vedima (as she was called) was sentenced and sealed into an eternal sleep. As a demonling (demon) by birth, she had been queen to all others of her unique race, and they vowed to awaken her- as to rise the dark empire Vedima had so dreamed of forming.

Now, with ultimicia gone, Vedima's subjects have access to the realm in which she was banished. All they need is some trace of Ultimicia's power to break the seal which keeps her in slumber

Hehehe... and here poor Squall thought things were finally over. As He and Seifer are forced into an uneasy alliance- they and the rest of the team will find out that their problems haven't ended at all- but are just beginning!

I hope you enjoy. heck knows- i ain't any great writer. *grins* but thats NOT gonna stop me from torturing anyone with my senseless banter! MWA HA!
Chapter 1: The Tempest Entity - June 27th, 2000
Chapter 2: Begin the Game, Kill the Flame - June 27th, 2000
Chapter 3: The Greater Enemy - June 27th, 2000
Chapter 4: Scarred Reminders - August 10th, 2000

ReviewedEnmity- Yeah, okay- this is another one of those "what they were thinking" fics involving the opening fight scene between Squall and Seifer. WAIT! Don't run yet! It's done a bit differently then most, as I tried to *somewhat* break away from the normal flow of how these are usually written. One- this is from Seifer's point of View. I'm tired of hearing about what Squall thought. Two- it may be a little confusing. Some of my friends understood it- some didn't. Either way- your supposed to kinda have that general "wha?" feel to it. or.. maybe even not.. BAH!!! I don't EVEN KNOW!!! Read and let your own mind work out the details. Three- it's also REALLY short! Something I should add is that i really don't think Squall and Seifer *HATE* each other. i mean- as far as I'm concerned they could have been friends (if Seifer wasn't such a hothead *giggle*) I also didn't put to much detail into the characters themselves- I really on focused on thoughts- if your wondering why it lacks... anyways, if you have any comments at all, please e-mail them to me at either ( or (

Enjoy! (I hope!)
Enmity - December 13th, 2000

Legend of Dragoon Fanfiction
ReviewableUnderstanding Forever- Dart, Rose and Albert are at the edge of the world, and fighting to save humanity. In the last moments of this final hour, Dart finds himself caught in the weave of his own mind even as blow after blow rains down upon the entity that is Melbu Frahma. With Rose and Albert near their breaking points, and Dart slowly but surely falling to pain- witness their last moments before good prevails over all.
Understanding Forever - March 15th, 2001, revised September 9th, 2001

ReviewableYou Think You're Stronger- A fic that takes place before the events in LOD, Albert comes to unstable terms with himself, his kingdom, and the bloodshed around him. Kind of dark. Written when i were depressed about three months ago. I found it on file while cleaning up some letters, and decided to put it up!
You Think You're Stronger - March 15th, 2001, revised September 9th, 2001

ReviewableTo Stand Alone- Rose is a solitary woman for whom the past holds to many sorrows. When a sudden memory assaults her, a very unlikely person comes to her rescue- and in more ways then one. As alone as she has always been, and as alone as she forever feels, Rose may learn to accept that there are stars among the clouds... even if you can't -or refuse- to see them.
To Stand Alone - October 13th, 2001

Chrono Trigger Fanfic
Final Fantasy 8 Fanfic
Legend of Dragoon Fanfic