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Chrono Trigger Fanfiction
The Crimson Pendant- There is a faerie tale that tells of an age where humans were divided into two groups; the ones blessed with the power of magic, and the ones condemned to live without it. In this era, a young princess was born to the blessed humans who ruled the sky. She was a lonely girl who passed her time with the only friends she had, her teachers. Her teachers saw the princess’s loneliness and sympathized with her. Feeling she needed someone of her own age to be around, they decided to take her to the only place they knew of that had what they were looking for; Algetty Village, the home of the condemned humans.

At first, the princess found no interest in the filthy village. After all, it was a well-known fact that blessed ones did not associate with the lowly condemned. Then a young boy caught her attention. He was a condemned, just like the others, but his strength and swordsmanship were extraordinary. And although he had no magical abilities whatsoever, he was a very powerful warrior. The princess and the warrior became fast friends, and as they grew up, their friendship became stronger. Each leaned on the other, giving them both strength and the will to continue on.

When they had grown to an age of maturity, their friendship bloomed into love. Since it was unheard of for the blessed to even associate with the condemned, the prospect of marriage was unthinkable. Nevertheless, through unfailing passion they conceived a child. When the princess’s mother, the Queen, found out about her daughter’s love for the condemned man and of the half-breed child that she had born to him, she became enraged. The Queen arrested the warrior and began thinking of a suitable punishment for the two lovers.

Her punishment for the warrior and the newborn child was to be test subjects for a newly acquired power she had come by. As for the princess, she was to watch as her lover and her child were subject to the experiment. The Queen used the warrior and the child as tests against her new magical abilities, distorting time and space. The warrior and child vanished through a rip in time the Queen had created, never to be seen by anyone again. No one knows if they survived, or if they died. But, of course, it’s just a fairy tale, and fairy tales aren’t true…
Chapter 1: Hole in My Soul - July 17th, 2003

Chrono Trigger Fanfic