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Genesis Through Revelation- Of all the eras that are accessible in the Epoch and Time Pillars, 1999 AD was always the least. Sure, there was a glimpse or two. But then, you only saw the map, and Lavos' appearance before destroying it. So what would happen if Crono-tachi ("they" referring to Crono and the gang,) got to 1999? How did they get there? Who would they meet?
Introduction - February 26th, 1999
Part 1: Genesis: 1999 - February 26th, 1999
Part 2: In the Beginning - February 26th, 1999
Part 3: ...The First Day - February 26th, 1999
Part 4: Let There Be... - February 26th, 1999
Part 5: Out of the Garden of Eden - February 26th, 1999
Part 6: ...Good and Evil - February 26th, 1999
Part 7: Bring My People...Out... - April 21st, 1999
Part 8: ...I Will Send All My Plagues... - April 21st, 1999
Part 9: ...There Was a Great Cry... - September 28th, 1999

Fan Art From Genesis Through Revelation
1999 Neka (26 KB)
Neka & Sono (53.2 KB)
Sono (12 KB)

Slippin'- Crono thought it was along shot, but it was worth taking the risk. He walked up to the spined Lavos, raised his arms and summoned the greatest amount of power he could imagine. So where did the poor guy go? With the strange time paradox and all, something must have happened to him before the Chrono Trigger yet again changed the flow of history. I consider Slippin to be some of my better work, and it'd be an honor if you read it and critique it for me. ^_^
Slippin' - December 13th, 2000

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