If you've reached this page, you may actually be one of few who are interested in reading my work. Fewer still may want to know a bit about me, and who would I be to disappoint my "fans"? My name is William A. Mitchell, and I am 18 as of August 15th, 2002. If you read this in later year,s I'll allow you to do the math as to how old I am. I currently reside in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, but may move in the near future as I decide where to go to school. My dream at this point is to go into film production. My favourite game of all time is Chrono Trigger, and my favourites of recent times (as in the past summer) are Front Mission and Bahamut Lagoon. As for films, my current favourite movies are Pi and Clerks, in that order. Darren Aronofsky is by far my favourite director, and some day, I hope I can screenwrite and direct nearly as good as him. Well, if you're still here, I won't detract fro the main event. Enjoy.

Chrono Trigger Fanfiction
ReviewableAn Evil Beyond Lavos- Five years after the Lavos incident, Lucca has some strange dreams. She gathers Crono and Marle, and together they seek Gaspar. He tells them to go and get eveyone else, and then to go to the year 2000, where they meet Terr and Chinook.  Later, they meet two more allies- Ti'ana and Stram. These 11 people must battle their greatest adversary ever, Kao. Much happens along the way, such as Terr's near fatal fight with a Hench, Gaspar's "identity crisis", and much more. Enjoy!
Chapter 1 - January 7th, 1998
Chapter 2 - January 10th, 1998
Chapter 3 - January 10th, 1998
Chapter 4 - January 10th, 1998
Chapter 5 - January 10th, 1998
Chapter 6 - February 18th, 1998
Chapter 7 - February 18th, 1998
Chapter 8 - May 2nd, 1998
Chapter 9 - May 2nd, 1998
Chapter 10 - May 2nd, 1998
Chapter 11 - May 2nd, 1998
Chapter 12 - July 13th, 1998
Chapter 13 - July 13th, 1998
Chapter 14 - July 13th, 1998
Chapter 15 - July 13th, 1998
Chapter 16 - July 29th, 1998
Chapter 17 - August 5th, 1998
Chapter 18 - August 5th, 1998
Epilogue - August 5th, 1998

Innocent Blood- The year is 2007. Government corruption has caused a Communist Republic called the PRE to be the most influentioal country in the world, even beating out the USA. An assassination by a group known as the Cap Nation causes World War 3 to break out. Terr Green leads a platoon of troops against the PRE. He gets a visit from some old time friends, and loses some. He soon comes to the realization that this is no ordinary war...
Note: You may want to read "An Evil Beyond Lavos" first to get a feel for the characters.
Prologue - August 17th, 1998
Chapter 1: First Blood - August 17th, 1998
Chapter 2 - February 1st, 1999
Chapter 3 - February 1st, 1999
Chapter 4 - February 1st, 1999
Chapter 5 - February 1st, 1999
Chapter 6 - February 1st, 1999
Chapter 7 - February 1st, 1999
Chapter 8 - April 3rd, 2000

Final Fantasy Tactics Fanfiction
Second Thoughts- A Final Fantasy Tactics fanfic based on the life and times of Zalmo - before we was a priest, he had many adventures. He lived a life of luxury, knowing little of the world around him. But, when two thieves, Arian and Aarek, entered his life, things began to change and before he knew it, his life had turned upside down.
Chapter 1 - March 29th, 2002
Chapter 2 - October 8th, 2002

Chrono Trigger Fanfic
Final Fantasy Tactics Fanfic