An Evil Beyond Lavos Chapter 2

By Kaeru

Crono and Marle went to the end of time and waited. They sat down in the corner of the bleak room and talked. Gaspar seemed tense, although he could see the future. Even his mind powers could not sense the outcome of this next battle. Lucca came back with Glenn and Ayla, and went back for Robo and Magus.

Over the past 5 years, evryone had learned some new moves. Crono was able to do a move called Sword of Electricity, in which he did a normal spincut, after he had used Lightning on his sword. Marle could do Absolute Zero, which froze an enemy solid. Then she would fire her bow at the rigid enemy, shattering it to small pieces. Lucca learned Crossover, where an enemy was sucked through a portal into the fiery inferno of hell. Robo, who was then in a better future, had totally different moves. Instead of having attack moves, he had much more healing techniques, and a few strengthening techs. He, being a robotic technician, still had Shock. Glenn had learned a move called Tsunami, in which a great tidal wave smashed upon his enemies. Ayla created a new attack, Power Punch. It is even stronger than Triple Kick. Last but not least, there was Magus. Magus learned Gloom Radiation, which is a Shadow version of Luminaire. It was really great, having a team with even stronger magic. Unfortunately, their new enemy was beyond Lavos. The new enemy was almost too much... almost.


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