An Evil Beyond Lavos Chapter 3

By Kaeru

"Gaspar, why did you call me?" questioned Lucca. She was wondering what was going on. After all, she had the right to know, right?"

"It all shall come to you in time," replied Gaspar in his monotonous, yet intense, way of speaking. "Right now, you must go to the year 2000. There is a young lad, about your age, who you must bring to Spekkio. He is very strong in magic, and holds the key to the life of this world." Gaspar voice trailed off, as he 'precollected' on all that would happen. "His name is... Terr. There is also a girl, Terr's best friend. Her name is Chinook. They will be at the second millenial fair, and you must persuade them to come with you to the End of Time. They are both powerful in magic. We must get to them before..." Gaspar stopped, as if forced to.

"Before what?!" insisted Lucca. She felt that Gaspar wasn't telling her the whole story.

"You... you must get them and bring them... I cannot tell you the rest yet..." Gaspar stammered. Lucca seemed to notice the agitation in his voice as if he wanted to tell Lucca, but something wasn't allowing him. "Just get them."

"Okay," Lucca said. She was frightened by this agitation in Gaspar's voice. She hadn't ever seen Gaspar like this. He always seemed so... totally in control...

Lucca walked very rigidly towards the Epoch. Marle noticed something strange about her.

"What's wrong?" asked Marle.

"I've got to find some kids in the year 2000. Gaspar told me to. But there's something wrong with him... can you guys talk to him? I... make sure he's okay, Marle. Something's really wrong."

Marle nodded and walked down the corridor to talk to Gaspar.

"Are you okay?" asked Marle in a calm voice.

"Please..." whispered Gaspar. "Listen well, and don't ask questions. There is a new enemy... the Evil Beyond Lavos. It is trying to destroy the year 2080. You must defeat it... AHHH!" Gaspar cried out. He clutched his heart. He suddenly stood up again, unharmed. His eyes had a fiery glow in them as he rose from the floor. He jumped at Marle's throat, choking her unconscious. Gaspar raised his hand, preparing to finish the girl. Suddenly, Spekkio walked in.

"What's up?" he said. "I heard you scream. Everything OK?"

"Shut up, fool," replied Gaspar. He fired a lightning bolt at Spekkio, knocking him back several meters. Spekkio cried out in pain. Robo, Crono, Glenn and Magus rushed into the pillar of light room, only to see Marle on the floor, at Gaspar's feet. The old man laughed in a way no one had seen yet.

"You creatin!" screamed Crono. Crono unsheathed his sword and prepared for battle.

"Wait!" cried Magus. "He's possessed. Gaspar is still in there, alive as ever."

"You are wrong, prince Janus," scowled Gaspar. "I have killed him. He is now in the World of Lost Souls. This weak body is only owned by... KAO!!!!

"C'mon, team..." growled Crono. "Let's take'm!"


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