An Evil Beyond Lavos Chapter 4

By Kaeru

Lucca stepped out of the Epoch and walked slowly to the Millenial Fair. It all felt very wierd to her, going to a second millenial fair in her lifetime. She entered the grounds, and was suddenly amazed. Instead of the foot race, there was a wheeled boot race. Many people were at the fair, dressed in strange clothes. Some had green and purple hair, but had only a fine line of it down the centre of their heads. It seemed full of a substance that held it straight up. Some elderly folks walked in fear of these people. But the thing that surprised Lucca the most was the fact that not a single woman or girl had a dress on! They all wore pants, all seeming as rebellious as Marle. Lucca walked at a fast pace, searching for the two people she was to look for. "Terr and Chinook," she muttered to herself over and over, so she could avoid the stares of others. She ran towards Nadia's Bell, trying to escape the icy stares. She crashed into a boy about her age.

"Watch it!" he cried. His brown hair was parted down the centre, with a few strands over his eyes. He wore blue pants which were much too big for him, and a black short sleeved shirt. A girl about his age walked up behind him.

"Terr, who is that?" she asked. She stared at Lucca suspiciously. "And what's with the dress?!"

"You're Terr?!" gasped Lucca. "And you're Chinook?!"

"Yeah," they replied in unison. "Hold on," insisted Chinook. "How do you know my name?" The girl wore green pants similar to Marle's. She had a white shirt on, with an emblem Lucca didn't recognize. Her jet black hair was held back in a high ponytail.

"So... you're the ones Gaspar spoke of..." whispered Lucca. "Are you two brave?" Lucca asked in a louder tone.

"Well, DUH," replied Chinook.

"You think you can handle time travel?"

"Time travel? Did you escape from the circus or somethin'?"

Terr defended this new girl. "She isn't from our time, I mean, look at those clothes!" he pointed out.

"Okay," said Lucca. "You don't hafta believe me. If you want to see your future, your past, and maybe even a few battles, forget it."

"Battles?!" exclaimed Terr. "As in, gangsters or aliens?"

Lucca stood there for a second, confused. "We don't know yet. Gaspar will explain when we get back."

"Hold on," Chinook said. " 'We'? Back where? And who is this Gaspar guy? And what are we fighting for?!"

"Your questions will be answered," said Lucca. "Follow me."

They walked to where the Epoch was landed, and took off.

* * * *

Kao attacked Glenn with a massive block of ice, throwing him into the corner of the room. Crono nodded to Ayla and Robo. Crono jumped on Robo's shoulders and Ayla jumped onto his, and they began to spin, knocking the wind out of Kao. Magus cast another spell, which captured Kao in a solid block of amber. Kao stood, trapped and motionless, in the block of amber. Glenn held his head in his hands, feeling guilty for having to attack Gaspar's body. He knew Gaspar wasn't in the body, but he still felt awful.

Crono kneeled over Marle's body, tears welling up in his eyes. He held her hand in his, and closed his eyes. He began to cry, then noticed something. A pulse. She was alive!

Marle awoke and looked at Crono. "What's wrong, Crono?" she asked in a quiet voice.

He shook his head and embraced her. She seemed surprised at first, but she hugged him back.

"What a Kodak moment," said a voice in the doorway of the room. A boy and a girl walked in, followed by Lucca. The boy looked at them with one eyebrow cocked up.

"Meet Terr and Chinook," said Lucca.

"Hey!" exclaimed Chinook. "I know this place... I had dreams about this place!" Terr piped up, too. "Yeah! And that old man behind the glass was there, too! And the pillars of light, and the lamppost..." Terr looked in fascination at the small room. Speekio entered the room and looked at them.

"Well," said Spekkio. "These are the two Gaspar spoke of. Well, you two are strong of will!" he looked them up and down, as if inspecting them. "You have the powers of wind in you..." he stared into the girl's eyes. Then he turned towards Terr. "You have the powers of the earth in your veins." Spekkio sighed. "Well, I guess I'll have to teach you to use them."

Terr and Chinook looked at each other with a slight smile on their faces. "So we'll be like... superheroes?!"

"More or less," Spekkio wearily replied.

"OK, we'll do it."

"Ipso, Facto, Mennie, Moe, MAGICO!" Spekkio's voice rang out through the entire room. Chinook's eyes took on a pale blue glow. A very small tornado floated around her, madly blowing her hair. The tornado disappeared, and Chinook smiled. She watched Terr's change in admiration.

Terr's eyes glowed green, and the floor twisted and transformed. A giant plant grew from the newly made hole. It lifted Terr into the sky. Suddenly, it sank into the ground again. The hole grew over again. He stood, wide eyed, amazed by what had happened.

"Now all they need are weapons," Crono stated.

Chinook reached into her pockets and pulled out a small stick with a button on it, and a small vial of red liquid.

"All girls need protection in our world," she said. She pressed the button on the stick, and it extended into a ninga bo, a long staff used in battle. "We all need defense in OUR time has got somethin'. A staff and pepper spray, my defense from rapists."

"What?" asked Crono. "'Rapists'?"

"You don't wanna know," Terr replied. He abruptly changed the subject. "Hey. What about me?"

Spekkio walked into his room and returned with a weapon. "Battleaxe," he stated. "Use it wisely."

Terr looked in admiration at the axe. "I shall," he solemnly vowed.

"Well, we better start somewhere," sighed Crono. "Lucca, Terr, and Chinook. You guys try and find the Cave of Lost Souls. I think Kao left this body. Try and bring back Gaspar. Marle is injured pretty bad, and she'll need to hang around here for a while and rest. Ayla, Glenn, Magus, Robo, and I will stay and watch Gaspar's body, in case Kao trys to escape. He's no match for the five of us."

"All right," Lucca said.

Chinook glanced at Terr. He nodded his head.

"We're in," Chinook said.


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