An Evil Beyond Lavos Chapter 5

By Kaeru

The Epoch flew through the nothingness of the time space continuum, and came to a stop in a rather primative village.

"Welcome to 400 A.D," Lucca sighed. "Do you two see a cave?"

Chinook and Terr shook their heads. The glass door opened, and the team stepped out. Suddenly, a band of angry Mystics attacked them.

"Let's go!" shouted Lucca. The team drew their weapons and prepared for battle.

A green imp jumped at Lucca. She deflected the blow with the side of her gun. Then she fired at it. It was hit in the midsection, and went flying through the air. Terr looked at her in admiration.

Another attacked Chinook. She dodged the kick, and brought the bo into its side. It crumpled to the ground.

The boss Mystic, a burly Hench, took a swing at Terr. A large gash opened in his chest. Terr buckled. He raised his axe and finished the Hench. He gasped for breath. Lucca came up to him and poured a Tonic down his throat. He choked and sputtered, but stood up and staggered towards the village. Suddenly, a girl walked out of the nearest house.

"Who're you?" she asked. "Are y'outsiders?"

"I'm Lucca," Lucca said. She pointed at the two people following her. "He's Terr, and she's Chinook. We're here to find... the Cave of Lost Souls?"

"Cave'o'Lost Souls?" the girl gasped."What d'you need there?"

"We're looking for... a lost friend."

"Well," the girl sighed. "I could take y'there, but y'better have weapons. There's alotta baddies down'ere. Y'got weapons?"

Chinook got a smile on her face. She pulled out her bo and pepper spray. "Yeah!" Terr smiled weakly, axe in hand. Lucca reloaded her Wondershot and closed one eye, pretending to aim. "They're toast."

"Okay," sighed the girl. "Let's go kick some serious mysti-butt." She took daggers from her ankle pockets. "M'name's Ti'ana." She abruptly changed the subject. "Who else'll come?"

Chinook stood forward. "I will," she said. Lucca agreed.

"I can't do it," Terr said. He was bleeding steadily, and he needed medical attention. Ti'ana walked him to the doctor's house. He was to stay there until Lucca and the others got back... if they got back.

"Let's go to the End of Time and get Ti'ana magic," Lucca suggested. "Then... the Cave of Lost Souls."

* * * *

Marle's eyes were glazed over, and she was shivering. Crono held her in a warm embrace, as if to protect her. Magus stood at the doorway, watching Gaspar, trapped in amber, frozen for as long as it took. Glenn sharpened the blade on the Masamune. Suddenly, Lucca, Chinook and a new girl entered.

"She's here for Spekkio," Lucca blurted. They entered Spekkio's room.

"Hey!" he shouted. "Newcomers! All right! Well, in this girl, I sense the magic of Animals. She can change into other animals, as well as talk to them. Man, it's great, getting the chance to teach the 3 Lost Magics!" He began to chant. "Ipso, Facto, Meenie Moe MAGICO!" Ti'ana was surrounded by clouds shaped into animals. Her eyes glowed orange. She changed into a tiger, and growled at Spekkio. Then she changed back, impressed by her new powers.

"So! Fortified with magic! Wanna try it out?" Spekkio boomed.

"No," Lucca replied quickly. "We're on a mission."


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