An Evil Beyond Lavos Chapter 6

By Kaeru

Ti'ana led the way to the Cave of Lost Souls with Chinook and Marle, who substituted for Lucca. Ti'ana and the others walked towards the menacing, deep hole in the rock. From the cave, there emerged a menacing figure. It's snout was about half a foot long. Its teeth were like small daggers. Its body was covered in brown shaggy hair. Yet, most of it's other features were humanlike.

"Werewolf," whispered Chinook. She pulled out her bo and readied herself for an attack. Marle aimed the Valkerye at the looming monster.

"Wait!" cried Ti'ana. She noticed a belt around it's waist, and a whip attached to it. "Stram?" she asked the wolf. "It's me, Ti'ana. Don't hurt us."

The werewolf growled again. It looked Ti'ana in the eye, and began to transform. It turned back into a human being. He was fairly tall. His hair was buzzed and black as night. Then he spoke. "Ti'ana? Why're y'here?" His voice was deep. It reminded Ti'ana of North Cape at night. "What's wrong?"

"M'new friends lost someone," she replied. "Considerin' you know your way 'round, could y'get us to the Pool of Bodiless Souls?"

"No problem," he replied. He paused and looked at Chinook and Marle. "Well?"

"Well what?"

"Aren't cha going t'introduce me to your two beautiful friends 'ere?" Stram asked innocently.

"Chinook's the one with black hair," Ti'ana said warmly, "and the other's Marle."

"Well, we better get going, shouldn't we?" Marle asked impatiently.

"Um, yeah, but, uh, only three people can go in there at once," Stram stuttered. "Four or more, and every creature in there'll be on us."

Chinook looked at Ti'ana and Marle. "Um, I think I'll bail on this one. I'm gonna go check on Terr." She jogged towards the village, waving to Ti'ana and Marle.

"Well, let's enter," Stram said heavily. He sighed, and entered the deep, dark cavern.


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