An Evil Beyond Lavos Chapter 13

By Kaeru

Chinook stepped out onto the street. Looking around, she gasped. "Terr, have a look at this."

Terr stepped out as well, followed by Glenn, Owen, and Ti'ana. They looked around in awe. "Man, this is the work of a pyro with power."

The buildings were toppled and burning. There were no signs of life anywhere. "Where is this?" asked Terr.

"Um," Owen stammered. "This is home." He pointed to a gigantic tower lying on its side, smashed over a few large buildings. The tower was about two thousand feet tall, and looked like a giant needle. "It's the CN," said Terr. "This is... was... Toronto."

"I... can't believe it..." Chinook whispered. "My God." She hugged Terr tightly, closing her eyes.

"We've got to stop this from happening," Terr said with determination. "No way will our world turn out like this. Who could possibly do something like this?"

"Freeze," said someone behind them. "You aren't allowed here. This is restricted territory."

"This is where we live," Chinook replied.

"You must leave this area immediately," the man replied, pulling a strange looking pistol.

"You want us to go?" asked Terr. "No."

"I will shoot."

"If you do, I'll rock your little..." whispered Terr. Chinook shook her head. "Not here."

Terr looked at the man viciously. Then Terr climbed into the B-Zar, followed by the rest. They flew back to the End of Time.

"You must stop that future from being reality," Gaspar told the team when they got back.

"But how?" asked Terr. "We don't even know how it happened. We can't stop what we don't understand."

"You do understand," replied Gaspar expectantly.

"Terr," Chinook said with dread. "It's Kao. He was the one."

"Yes," said Gaspar. "That is indeed the one. He destroys planets for enjoyment. He has lived since the Dawn of Time, endlessly causing destruction through space. He destroys one world, then moves on to the next. He doesn't even get anything out of it. He is evil in it's purest form."

"Chinook," Terr said. "Let's rock this guy. Who's in? I mean, I'm not saying anyone who doesn't want to has to come has to."

"I am," said Chinook with courage. Owen nodded grimly, and Ti'ana smiled. But Stram stayed back.

"Stram? You aren't going... to help?" asked Terr.

"I don't know," he said. "I don't want to die. I mean, I do want to lift the curse, but it's confusing. We think of this as the Apocalypse. The Revelation. This is the Adumbration for us. But, there are other planets. We are not dead. Life will live without us."

"So, what you're basically saying," said Terr angrily, "is that the human race isn't worth saving. What are you, anyway? You're not human. You're a creature. I can take if you're afraid, but if you have no regard for the human race, that's just pathetic."

"Freak," said Stram, approaching Terr quickly. A small fireball materialized in his hand. Terr had vines as strong as chain directed at Stram. "Stop it, you two!" yelled Marle. "We're about to decide the outcome of the entire world, and you two are fighting like a pair of children!"

Terr looked at her and pulled the vines back. "You're right. "We'll bring you home right now, if that's what you want."

Stram looked embarrassed as the fireball dissolved. "No. You are right. I must help. It's for everything I ever lived for. I always wanted to be a hero. This is my chance."

"But before you go, there is a teamate waiting in the year 610. his name is Tetsuro. There is also one more in the year 3999, the year of Kao's Apocalypse. His name is Freedan. They are both teenagers, one living in Porre, the other in former Toronto. Good luck."

Chrono decided to help find them, along with Robo and Ayla. They left two seats for the two comrades. "After this, it's Kao," called Chrono behind him. With that, they were off.


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