Innocent Blood Chapter 4

By Kaeru

"Hey, Terr!" said Stram when Terr arrived at the End of Time. Terr looked up, a sad look in his eyes. Stram put out his hand, and Terr shook it reluctantly. "What, Terr?" asked Stram. "Where are Chinook and Owen?"

"Chinook and Owen are dead," said Terr flatly. He looked over to Gaspar, who was talking to Chrono, Marle, and Lucca. Robo stood behind them, as did Glenn and Tetsuro. Stram looked down. "Sorry, Terr."

"Where're the others?" asked Terr. He was referring to Schala, Cyprus, Gyra, Magus, Ayla, and Freedan.

"They will not be participating in this mission," said Gaspar. "It will be the 10 of you. You should begin in the year 400 billion b.c., and come back when you are done. I will be waiting for you here, so don't be long."

"Whoa," said Terr. "Why then? What's happening? Wha..."

"I'll explain when we get there," said Ti'ana. "Let's just go. There's no time to waste."

* * * *

After the whole team had been transported to the year 400 billion b.c., they began to explain the plan.

"This is how it works," said Ti'ana, looking at Terr. "There is something unexplained happening here, and its changing the course of history. We are going to locate it, and stop it. Have you been practicing your magic? I hope so, 'cause y'going to need it."

Terr's face was cold. A large rock materialised in his hand. "I'd be dead right now if I hadn't," he said solemnly. Ti'ana looked him over, and asked, "Your axe...?"

"I left it in my bunk," said Terr. He stepped into the Epoch, disappeared, and reappeared after about three seconds. "Sorry I took so long," he said. Stubble had grown in on his face. "I got stuck in customs."

"Um, don't forget that time thing," said Stram. "It took about five seconds."

Terr looked around, and thought for a second. "Oh. Yeah. That."

"You ready?" asked Stram impatiently.

"Yeah. Let's go."

* * * *

Lucca looked around cautiously. She didn't want to step into any tarpits. There were a load of them, as the earth was newly formed. Luckily, they were wearing safety suits. In a fault in the ground there was a strange noise. The sound of many voices all talking at once. Terr snuck up to the hole, to see an entire legion of imps. Laughing, he sealed off the hole. The imps all started making agitated squeals. Terr laughed coldly.

"Terr!" scolded Marle. "Do you want to mess up the world in the future? Killing a simple fly could change our world forever. As would changing the world's shape."

Terr sighed, and undid his last magic action. Instead, he took a seed from his pocket and let it grow. A monstrous leaf extended into the crack, and came back up. Fifty imps wre desperately clinging to the leaf. Laughing, Stram said, "Cleanse and Burn..." as he set flame to the leaf. The imps squeaked and fell into the hole. Robo created a shock in the hole, and a few squeaks were heard, but they eventually stopped. Ti'ana looked down the hole, and an imp jumped on her face and began to punch her. She quickly grabbed her dagger and plunged it at her face, impaling the imp and scratching herself. The imp twitched a few times, then stopped, dead. She flicked the weapon, and the imp sprawled through the air and landed in the five-foot gap in the ground.

"I'll look this time," said Glenn. He looked down the hole, and all he saw were shocked, scorched, and crushed imps. They were all dead. Glenn flooded the crack, and the bodies floated up. After that, Chrono used a very basic shadow spell, disintegrating the bodies. The water immediately disappeared. A strange growling voice imploded upon them from all directions. "This is not your battle," said the voice. "Leave immediately before I spill innocent blood."

"Show yourself," growled Terr. "I don't give a crap about innocent blood." Chrono punched Terr in the shoulder angrily. "Shut up, Terr," said Chrono. "You've turned from a sarcastic jerk, to a nice kid, to a cold jerk. What is wrong with you?"

"I will come to you in time," said the voice mysteriously. "Leave this time before you make drastic adjustments to my world."

"I'll show you drastic, wuss!" yelled Terr. "This isn't your world! Fight me, man to man! I can friggin' take you! Bring it on, wimp!" Chrono shoved the battle-ready, red-faced Terr into the B-Zar and took off. The rest of the team regrouped and went back to the end of time.


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