Innocent Blood Chapter 5

By Kaeru

"Terr, you need a few days off," said Gaspar. "Go back to your army lifestyle, and try and get your mind off this. We'll work in the meantime."

"Yeah, sure," muttered Terr through clenched teeth. "See you later." He then stepped into the Epoch and disappeared in a flash of light.The others gathered around Gaspar to hear what he had to say.

"Something is tampering with the fabric of time," said Gaspar. He studied everyone's faces for a trace of emotion. But, everyone seemed bewildered at Terr's anger streak in the past. Gaspar continued. "What it is is unbeknownst to me, but I do know two things. It is the creator of the mystics, and is not of this world."

* * * *

Terr got back to Station A three days early. He entered his bunker, only to find that he had another mission: to salvage Station B. Luckily, he had given himself three days to get ready.

Marrim got back to her room to find Terr there. "Hello, Terr," she said, confused that he was back so early. "How are you?"

"Absolutely horrid," he replied flatly. "I had a fight back home."

"Oh. Well, I won't be here for the next three days. I have to lead the Station B salvage crew."

"Whoa," said Terr. "I'm on that platoon. What platoons are going?"

"Fourteenth, twenty-second, and seventy-seventh."

"Those are the highest ranking platoons in the entire force. What rank are you?"

"Captain. Aren't you?"

"No, I'm just a platoon commander..."

"Better start calling me sir, then," said Marrim. She put on a playful smile and shoved Terr.

Terr couldn't help but smile. Terr sat down on his bed. She's beautiful, Terr thought to himself. And smart, friendly, which is more than you can expect from a commanding officer...

Terr suddenly straightened up. "No," he muttered under his breath. "Chinook's the only person who could ever be for me, dead or alive..."

"What was that?" asked Marrim, suddenly turned around.

"Oh, just talking to myself," said Terr. "It's nothing. Nothing at all." Terr turned over in his bed, and fell asleep in his uniform.


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