Innocent Blood Chapter 6

By Kaeru

"Let's get going!" cried Lucca. She stepped into the B-Zar. She was closely followed by Glenn, Tetsuro, Robo, and Ayla. They flew away in the B-Zar. Lucca showed up right away to pick up Stram, Ti'ana, Chrono and Marle. They all regrouped in the year 400 a.d.. They had had a secret agenda when they sent Terr home; they were going to try and revive Owen and Chinook. Stram, Lucca, and Ti'ana entered the Cave of Lost Souls. The rest went to the nearest town and rested up.

"See ya later!" called Lucca. She walked into the Cave of Lost Souls. What the others didn't know was her secret agenda. She wanted to see Owen again, just one more time...

She walked into the cave with high morale. Soon, they were attacked by six blue imps.

"Oh, please," said Stram. He snapped his whip at one of the frail monsters. It split in two and fell to the ground. Ti'ana chucked her daggers at two of the others, killing them. Lucca, however, was not clowning around. She cast Flare and killed the remainig three. As soon as their torched bodies stopped twitching, she swallowed an ether and ran deeper into the labyrinth of twisting corridors, followed closely by Stram and Ti'ana.

* * * *

"Get down!" cried Marrim. Terr ducked his head, only to see a bullet whiz over his head. He quickly dropped to a prone position and unleashed a furious spray of bullets on the enemy squadron. About seven of them fell, injured or dead. "Don't kill them all!" shouted Marrim. "The more prisoners we bring back, the better!"

Terr jumped behind a tree and started to chant. Marrim took cover behind a park bench and watched him, confused. Suddenly, a chunk of the land rose out of the ground. Marrim watched in absolute bewilderment as the rock exploded, sending rocks smashing into the enemies. They fell to the ground, and vines grew very quickly around their wrists and ankles. They looked around in fear, prisoners of the Earth.

"How... how'd you do that...?!" stuttered Marrim. Terr just smiled.

"That's called magic," said Terr. "I'm pretty well the only human who uses it anymore."

Marrim opened her mouth to talk, but no sound came out. Suddenly, the squad erupted into cheers. "Good job, Terr," Marrim said. She shook Terr's hand heartily, giving him a warm smile. "You just one us the entire battle."

Terr just looked at the broken ruins of Station B. "We have got to get to work on salvaging this wreck," he said. He walked to the fallen complex. He heard the faint whimpering of a heavily injured human. After a second of scanning, he saw a hand sticking out of the bricks. He quickly ran to the rubble. He heaved several pieces of rubble off of the person, and gasped.

* * * *

"This is it," said Stram. "You better get that description right, Lucca, because I estimate about fifty mystics will be in here... the bloodthirsty pricks."

"Hold on," said Lucca. She took about fifty seconds and cast Haste on everyone. "Just-in-case," she said quickly.

"Would-you-please-hurry-it-up-Lucca?!" said Ti'ana.

"Okay-Okay..." said Lucca. The sound of her voice reminded her of the sound you make when you inhale helium. She let out a small brisk laugh and spoke quickly into the microphone. Slowly, a voice came from the very walls of the room.

"There is no one here who falls under those descriptions," announced the voice. "We do not like liars. Children, attack!!!" The last word bounced off the walls over and over. Suddenly, a large group of heavily armoured mystics entered the room, all carrying different weapons. There were Henches, Imps, Omnicrones, and two twins very reminiscient of Nizbel. They erupted through the hole in the wall like a tidal wave. Lucca set her gun to kill and let a burst go on the crowd. Three Imps and four Henches all fell to the ground, but the other monsters just trampled over them and attacked. Ti'ana began to morph into a legendary Adamantai, which was a large magic wielding turtle built like a tank. She immediately cast a spell called "Big Guard" on Stram, Lucca and herself, which guarded them from all attacks. One of the Nizbels trampled over Stram, making him fall to his knees. The other Nizbel did the same to Lucca, reducing her to a crumpled heap on the ground. She had a large gash across her face and she was breathing shallowly. The rest of the enemies began slashing at Ti'ana, and she soon reverted to an unconscious human form. When all hope was vanquished, Lucca noticed six figures emerge from the opening in the wall. The last thing she saw before she fell into unconsciousness was a man with red hair cast Luminaire and annihalate all of the mystics in the room.


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