Innocent Blood Chapter 7

By Kaeru

"Medic!" screamed Terr. His eyes were still fixated on the bodies of Owen and Chinook. "Medic! Get your lazy ass over here!"

"Yes, sir," said the medic. He and three other soldiers carried Chinook and Owen's inanimate bodies to a clear spot.

"Pump up the generator, Vicks!" said the first medic with a hint of agitation in his voice. "We'll need those bloody shockers! Wedge! Find the plasma and IV needles! Move it!"

"Got some plasma here!" said Wedge. "But what blood type are they?!"

Terr yelled to the medics. "Chinook is A positive, and Owen is O negative. Got it?"

"Yes sir!" yelled Wedge. He plunged an IV into Chinook's wrist, then one into Owen's. Vicks soon had the generator going.

"We got power!" he announced. Quickly, he handed the shockers over to the main medic. "Good job. Give me 80 joules!" shouted the main medic. Vicks turned the generators knob. "Clear!" shouted the main medic. He unleashed a shock into Chinook's body. There was no response.

"A hundred joules NOW!" yelled the medic. He rubbed the pads together and let another jolt of electricity into her body. All of a sudden, her heartbeat began again. A sigh of relief was let out, but the main medic still wasn't satisfied.

"If you're done celebrating, Vicks," said the main medic sharply. "Give me a hundred bloody joules!"

Vicks jumped at the words, and set the dial to one hundred. The main medic shocked Owen, but his heart recorder was still flatlined. "give me 160!" yelled the main medic. He shocked Owen again, but to no avail. "200!" he yelled. With a whopping two hundred joules, Owen was shocked yet again. "It's over," said Vicks. "It's over, Edward."

"Same damn fate as his mom," said Terr. "Damn." He looked at the ground, and heard a faint voice in his head. Magic, Terr. Magic.

"Damn," repeated Edward. Suddenly, a plant root plunged out of the soil and shoved itself into Owen's wrist vein. It began to pump some sort of fluid into Owen's bloodstream, and his heart monitor began to beep again. Terr let out a sigh of relief and uttered a small chant, and the plant slithered back under the ground. Vicks fainted, and Edward stared for a moment, but quickly applied a bandage. Terr smiled coldly and walked back to the ruins to search for more survivors.

"Terr Green," announced Marrim, walking closely behind him. "You've got a hell of a lot of explaining to do. Help me find other survivors, then you and me are going to have a long talk." With that, they went searching for other survivors together..

* * * *

"Hey, she's awake!" announced Chrono. Glenn, Marle, Ayla, Robo and Tetsuro gathered around. "Lucca! Are you okay?"

"I'm fine..." she said drowsily. She sat up, and felt a sharp pain on her face and ankle. She quickly fell down again. She looked at her ankle and found a large bandage wrapped around it. She slowly raised her hand to face, fearing what was wrong. She ran her hand across her face slowly, andfelt small bumps. She slowly came to the realization that she had about fifty stitches lining the side of her face. She tried to scream, but no sound came out. She soon succumbed to the bidding of the painkillers, and she fell asleep.

* * * *

"Wha..." said Stram. He was slowly coming to, but he was still dazed by the painkillers. He woke up with the bright morning sun pouring in his eyes. He looked around a moment, and saw Ti'ana sitting on the end of his bed. She was looking at the ground. "Ti?" asked Stram. "Hey, Ti..."

"Hi, Stram," she said. She turned around, revealing a large bump on her face and thin burn marks streaking her face.

"What... what happened...?" he asked, horrified.

"That fight in the Cave of Lost Souls," she replied. "Terr was wrong when he said Chinook and Owen were dead. They were alive somewhere, and it nearly cost us our lives. Don't you remember?"

"Yeah," said Stram. "That loser could have got us killed. He just isn't worth the trouble anymore..."

"Please, Stram," pleaded Ti'ana. "Promise me you won't get in another fight with him."

"I promise," muttered Stram bitterly. Ti'ana smiled, and walked away. "I promise I won't let him do anything like that to us again."


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