An Evil Beyond Lavos Chapter 17

By Kaeru

Kao was the first to attack. He cast a very strong Shadow spell. Chrono countered with Luminaire.

"I hope that wasn't supposed to hurt," Kao laughed. "That almost tickled."

"Take this!" cried Terr. He fired a ball of energy at the ground and caused an earthquake. A giant crack hurtled towrds Kao. Just as quickly, he filled the crack and soothed the rumbling. "Oh, please."

Terr tryed something else.Terr had taken lessons in psychiatry, drama and being psychicin his life, so he put them to use and he talked telepathically to Kao. <Stop, Kao,> he said in a calm, quiet voice.

"Who are you?" asked Kao out loud.

<I am the voice that represents all the souls you have left without a body,> he lied.

"No," Kao said calmly. "You're not."

<Yes, I-> Suddenly, Terr screamed and fell to the ground. "Psychic Scream, never fails," Kao said evilly.

Chinook ran to Terr. "Terr!" she cried. She tried to heal him with a gentle breeze, but she failed. "He's gone," said Chrono sadly.

"No..." Chinook said slowly. Screaming, she attacked Kao with her pepper spray. Spraying it in his eyes, he grabbed his eyes in pain. But, with his extrasensory perception, he still managed to find Chinook and shot a lightning bolt at her, sending her sprawling 10 meters. She fell and did not awake.

"Thee who attacks a woman hath no pity, therefore he must be defeated," said Glenn, wielding the Masamune. Looking to Lucca, He jumped up into the air. Lucca knew what he meant; Red Pin. She did her part, and it actually hurt Kao. Angrily, Kao made a dark bomb and threw Glenn. He flew through the air and landed in a heap near Stram. Raising to his feet, he looked to Marle, who healed him back to full health. He smiled and nodded, and looked to Lucca and raised three fingers.

"Frog Flare?" asked Lucca. "Are you sure?"

"Yes," said Glenn. He raised his hands into the air, as well as Lucca. A Flare appeared above Kao. Through it fell a giant frog, squashing Kao. Surprisingly enough, Kao was unhurt. Laughing, he threw a shuriken at Lucca, skinning her arm and making her bleed.

"Ouch!" cried Lucca. Chrono threw her a vial of liquid. Lucca took a shot, and threw it to Glenn. He grabbed it and had a swig. But Kao wasn't done with them. Using an evolved form of Gloom Radiation, he killed Glenn, Lucca, and Ayla.

"This madness has to stop here," Robo said with a dark flare of anger in his voice. "This is for Lucca!" He stepped back from Kao, and punched him repeatedly. This was an extra strong Uzzi punch, and it knocked Kao back a bit. Angrily, he used Luminaire and short circuited Robo.

"I am beyond your human comprehension," Kao said. "But, I am not 100% evil. If you surrender, I will let you leave and go home."

Freedan began to turn around. Just as his back was turned, he was nailed in the back by some first level Fire. Kao laughed satanically. "Not."

"You dirty son of a..." Stram growled. "Well, might as well fight fire with fire." He looked to Tetsuro, who acted on instinct. Vedic Blade in hand, he leaped inot the air, as well as Chrono. Ten feet in they air, their swords touched ends. Stram powered the two of them up with Fire Magic, and they both powered their own swords with their own lightning magics. "Banzai!" cried Tetsuro. He took a dive and pierced his blade into Kao, alongside Chrono. "I call it Zippo Swords," Stram said triumphantly. His triumph quickly became defeat as a lightning bolt pierced his stomach and he fell to the ground.

"Well, I guess your 'power in numbers' theory proved wrong," said Kao. "You went from thirteen to six. How about that?"

"I'd say you're a freak," said Freedan. Pulling his 7 gage shotgun from his side, he took aim at Kao. He fired three shots at Kao, which harmlessly bounced off of him. When Freedan lined up for his fourth shot, he felt a searing pain in his side. He felt the burn of fire. He fell to the ground in a heap.

"This is not the way I will die," said Owen. "If anything, I'll take you down with me!" He reached in his pocket and grabbed a vial of pink liquid. He grabbed another, this one clear. Chrono looked at him quizzically. "Don't want to drink these," said Owen. "This clear vial is pure oxygen. The other is Cyanide." Owen put a layer of ultra cold ice around the clear vial, which began to form crystals inside. He then poured the cyanide in. The crystals began to dissappear. Finally, Owen lit a match, threw it in the vial, and threw it. "Cover your mouths!" he said, pulling his shirt over his mouth and nose. Everyone did as they were told, and Kao began to choke. But he did a magical spell, and and the poison dissapeared. "What was that?" asked Marle.

"It's called a solidox poison bomb," said Owen. "The solid oxygen lights like a dream, and the cyanide spreads poison. Just a little chemistry, a little self defense mechanism for the city, and badda bing badda boom, you got a bomb." He smiled, but not for long. Soon, he flew through the air and landed in a heap on top of Lucca.

"That's five to go," said Kao. "Who's next?"

Tetsuro and Chrono looked to Ti'ana and Marle. They also looked to Freedan. "It's time for the final effort," said Freedan. He began to cast a Dark Bomb, which surrounded Ti'ana, who had begun to morph into the legendary animal, the Sabretooth Wolf. Her teeth began to gleam with the magic of Shadow, Lightning, Ice, and the small amount of Fire Chrono had learned along the way. Ti'ana howled; to her aid came the world's most fearsome animals. The gorrilla. The tiger. The elephant. The wolf. And, most importantly, the lion, king of the animals. In one fluid motion, they all attacked Kao, as if they had planned it for an eternity. Scraping, smashing, and crushing Kao, they reduced Kao to a beaten creature on his knees.

"You shouldn't have done that," he growled, his eyes glowing red. "Now, I am mad." He grabbed Ti'ana by the throat and choked her. The look of pure fear in her eyes drove Tetsuro in his next blast towards Kao. He snagged the Rainbow Sword from Chrono and ran with one sword under each armpit. The anger in his eyes reminded Kao of a bull. Kao made a barrier around himself, and Tetsuro ran into it full force. But, instead of bouncing off it, It held him still and sucked the life right out of him.

"This is it," said Chrono. "We're down to the three of us." He drew a triangle in the air with his finger, and Freedan and Marle nodded. They began to rise for Delta Force. Chrono watched Marle as she rose, but she suddenly flew straight left. She landed near Terr and didn't stand up. With one more blast of energy, Kao wiped out Chrono and Freedan. And there, the battle ended. But the war wasn't over.


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