An Evil Beyond Lavos Chapter 18

By Kaeru

"It's a pity," said a feminine voice. "They all died trying to save their homeworld."

"Indeed it is," replied a masculine voice. "I think we should bring them back to life."

A third male voice piped up. "Such young people. First we shall defeat Kao, then they will be brought back to life."

The woman spoke again. "Then we must use the power of the three heirs to the throne."

The trio walked out of the darkness. Magus was at the front of them. Behind him was Cyprus, and at the back, was... Schala. They walked along the broken ground, and looked at Kao. "This is your time to die."

"No," Kao said. "You will be easily defeated, just like these imbiciles." He pointed towards a heap of young bodies, lying on the ground.

"You are wrong, Kao," Cyprus said calmly. "You sent Diablo to do this job, but he failed. Now we are destined to slay you."

"No!" cried Kao nervously. He hastily shot a fireball at Magus. It just hit an invisible barrier.

"We are the grim reaper in your life. As you walk through the valley of the shadow of death..."

"NO!!!" yelled Kao. He kept casting magic spells, but they were easily deflected by the force field. Magus nodded to Cyprus. Cyprus nodded to Schala. Schala then closed her eyes and fired a beam of yellow light at Kao. It began to push him backwards.Cyprus began to fire a red beam at Kao. It knocked him to the ground. Finally, Magus started to fire the blue beam at Kao. "please..." Kao whispered. "Have mercy..."

"There is no mercy for the one who shows no mercy," Cyprus said solemnly. The red beam merged into the blue one, making a lavender color. The yellow one merged into the lavender one, creating one large white burst of light. With one last burst of energy, Kao knocked Magus, Cyprus, and Schala to the ground. The end of Kao's reign of terror over the universe had ended. Magus, Cyprus, and Schala were dead.

"So many lives, gone..." said a woman behind the bodies of the three heirs. She cast a spell to bring the three back to life. They got up, looked around, and suddenly, Magus gasped.

"Why did you save us?" he asked. There was no answer. "Gyra... why did you save us?"

"Because," she replied. "I wanted you to live a good life. We maybe rivals, perhaps even enemies, but, you needed the chance to meet your son."

"My son?" asked Magus. "You mean... my son is... here?"

"Yes," replied Gyra. "Revive the children."

Magus did as he was told. He, Schala, and Cyprus revived each of the teens one by one. When they had all been ressurected, Magus asked Gyra, "Who is my son?"

Before Gyra had the chance to answer, Freedan said, "Mom? Is that really you?" He looked at Gyra confusedly.

"Yes, it is," she said kindly. "And, I would like you to meet your father." She pointed straight towards Magus. "There he is."

"So... you're my dad?" asked Freedan. "Then how come I never had a chance to meet you?"

"Many things kept me from meeting you," said Magus. "First of all, I didn't know you existed. Second, my life at that time was devoted to finding your Aunt," he gestured to Schala.

"It's hard to believe," said Freedan, "But I have this gut feeling you're right. I like to trust my gut feelings."

"I have an idea," said Terr. "Let's have a party at my house. I'll totally blow all my allowance, and maybe even yours too, Chinook," he smiled at Chinook. "But what the heck. We did save the Earth and all, so I think a party is fairly appropiate."

"Sounds good," said Owen. "Let's go."


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