An Evil Beyond Lavos Chapter 10

By Kaeru

Glenn, Magus, Owen, Ti'ana and Stram boarded off the B-Zar and headed into the Silent Shadowland. The creatures would not attack them. But, it was strange. They didn't run, they didn't attack, they just stood straight up and looked straight. Wierd, Magus thought. It's as if they're standing... at attention...

"Magus..." Owen said through clenched teeth. "Your time has come."

"No..." whispered Magus. "You're not..."

"Keep thy wretched hands off of Janus!" yelled Glenn. He stepped in front of Magus, defending him.

"Get out of the way, reptile," Owen growled. He fired a blast of lightning and shadow at Glenn.

"Arghhhhh!" yelled Glenn as he was hit by the magical blast.

Magus stared at Owen through cold eyes. "Diablo..."

Owen laughed a cruel, cold, laugh. "Yes, it is I; now I will exterminate you the way I did your brother... and your sister!"

Magus' eyes went wide open. "You bluff!" he cried, and he began to work his hands. "Gloom... Radiation!!!"

A great black shadow bomb seared through the air, and began to shoot black lasers from it. A black cloud appeared, and when it disappeared, Owen no longer stood there. Now, it was Diablo in his true form.

"Catch!" shouted Ti'ana to Magus, throwing him a green rock. He caught it in his left hand. "What to do with this?" he asked. But, as if on instinct, he knew. He cast Gloom Radiation, and leapt back. Stram held his hands out, and Ti'ana handed him her daggers. He heated them to nearly melting, and handed them back to Ti'ana. She whipped the daggers into the shadow cloud. They all heard the scream of Diablo.

"Noooooooooooo!!!!!" he shouted, and, using telekinesis, floated Glenn over to him. "No one move, or I impale the slimy toad!" He held Glenn over his left horn, and growled.

Ti'ana froze. Stram did as well. But Magus did not. "You won't kill him. You know your condition."

"Oh, do you?" Diablo announced. Diablo knew exactly what Magus meant. The only mortals he could kill were those he had sworn to kill. In his case, Cyprus, Schala, and Janus. "Very well, then," said Diablo. He threw Glenn to the ground. "Well, at least I get a consellation prize- your dead hide."

Magus, out of fure frustration, sliced at Diablo's horns. A deep gash appeared. Diablo then fell to the ground, severely injured.

"I must've hit his horns when I threw my daggers!" Ti'ana exclaimed. "That's why he screamed!"

Glenn stood up, and, with a nod, brought the Masamune down over Diablo's horns. They fell off, and Diablo screamed. His body faded into a deep red mist.

"We defeated him!" shouted Stram. He hugged Ti'ana, but Magus was still somber.

"Why are you still glum?" asked Glenn. "Your sworn enemy has been killed, and your siblings' deaths hath been avenged."

"If," Magus began. "If you really killed him in his second body, those he killed should be set free, alive again. But where are they?"

As that was said, three people walked out of the shadows. Magus ran over to them.

"Janus!" exclaimed the youngest man. "You have grown!"

Magus breath caught in his throat. "Cyprus!" he cried. He ran over and hugged his long lost brother. Then he stopped. "Where is Schala?"

Cyprus looked at his feet. "I've got bad news, and good news."

"Go on."

"The bad news is," Cyprus said, "is that Schala didn't come back with us. The good news is, she is nowhere in heaven or hell. She is still alive somewhere."

Magus stared, wide eyed. "She is somewhere out there, then?" he asked.


Magus sighed, and looked at his brother. "We have much to talk of, brother," Magus said. He walked into the B-Zar with his brother, followed by Glenn. "I will pick you up in about 10 seconds," Glenn called to Ti'ana and Stram. "Don't leave this spot."

Glenn shot through the sky, and was gone.

"Finally alone," Stram said.

"Yes,'' Ti'ana replied.

"Now... " Stram said, "I will do something I have meant to do for a long time." Stram began to kiss Ti'ana. She was surprised, but kissed back. The two shared a long passionate kiss, and finally parted their lips.

"Whoa..." Ti'ana said.

"Yeah..." Stram replied, as Glenn came through the air.

"Next stop, End of Time," said Glenn. Ti'ana and Stram stepped into the B-Zar, and headed back to the End of Time.


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