An Evil Beyond Lavos Chapter 1

By Kaeru

"Let's get a move on!" cried Lucca. She was loading Crono and Marle on to the Epoch. They plodded through the pitch black sky, at 2:00.

"What, exactly, are we here for again?" asked Crono groggily.

"Gaspar came to me in a dream," Lucca impatiently replied. "We have to go to the year 2000. There's someone there we're supposed to meet. The rest of it's wierd. There's another threat of some kind..." Her voice trailed off. Crono sensed the fright in her voice.

"Are you sure it wasn't... just a dream?" Marle asked. The entire team had had nightmares over the last 5 years, after the Lavos battle. They had began to live their normal lives again, although they were constantly followed by the hauntings of their past. For example, they had figured out themselves that Lavos was using the planet's energy to live. Or when they watched Azala die. Or the horrifying look of Yakra.

"It's not another dream," insisted Lucca. "He said to find Ayla, Magus, Robo, and Glenn and enter the year 2000. It's got to be real. I mean... I could tell, y'know what I mean?"

"Yeah," said Crono thoughtfully. "Adventure time! It'll be like old times."

"He also said it'll be harder than Lavos." Lucca shuddered at the thought.

Crono whipped his sword from its scabard. The blade glistened in the moonlight. "Whatever it is can have the privelidge of being turned into chop suey."

Marle grinned and took out her crossbow. "Let's get rid of this thing."

Lucca loaded her Wondershot. "Yeah. Let's go."


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