An Evil Beyond Lavos Chapter 8

By Kaeru

The team reassembled at the End of Time. The first to speak was Magus.

"I must cut the amber now," he said. With that, he cast a spell on his scythe, making it glow a deep, rich red. He slowly sliced it down Gaspar's glittering confinement. The amber melted, then slowly disappeared into the scythe. The room got tense. Gaspar fell to the ground. Suddenly, standing up, he said, "Thank you. I now feel much better."

Everyone sighed as he said that. He stood up and sighed. "You have all encountered the evil of Kao. Now, it is time to stop this evil. You must find one more ally. This ally lives in the year 2000. He is named after a letter in the Greek alphabet."

Chinook thought for a moment. She was never good at Greek. She couldn't think of anyone. "Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta..." Suddenly, it came to her. "Owen? He's a good friend and all, but... Owen?" Chinook seemed to almost laugh at the idea that her good friend Owen would end up fighting alongside her. Owen was always quiet. He would sit at the back of the class silently. He always did his homework, and never brought any attention upon himself. He didn't seem like the kind of person who would fight.

"Indeed, it is Owen," Gaspar sighed. "He will be very important in your journey to defeat Kao."

"Hold it," Stram saidslowly. "Last time I checked, Owen wasn't in the Greek alphabet."

Chinook sighed. "That's not exactly his name. It's actually Omega Nathaniel. His dad named him that before he died. His mom, never liking the name, wanted to change it. But she was afraid to change it, because she didn't want to completely lose his father. She took his initials and turned them into a name. O. N. It becomes Owen. See the transition?"

Stram understood. He nodded his head, and changed the subject. "Everyone else has a magic power. Why can't I?"

Gaspar laughed deeply, and looked up. Suddenly, a booming voice came out of the air. "Come, Stram, come into my room."

Stram jumped, and everyone else laughed. "Over there," said Crono. He pointed to Spekkio's door.

"But it leads into emptiness!" yelled Stram. Ti'ana walked in front of Stram and opened the door, and walked inside. From Stram's angle, Ti'ana had disappeared. He ran to the door, and stopped dead in his tracks when he saw that there was a room behind the door. He walked in nervously, followed by Crono.

"Welcome, Stram!" boomed a Kiwala in front of him. Stram almost fainted.

"Talking Kiwalas," he muttered. "Someone slap me."

"I am Spekkio, Master of War," he announced. "You have much magical talent!" he said, inspecting Stram like cow at a cattle sale. "You have the magic of fire. Walk around the room three times and think, 'magic'."

Stram did as he was told, and he was rewarded. "Good job!" Spekkio said. He cast a spell on Stram, and his eyes glowed red. He raised his hands and created a fire on the floor under him. He dropped his arms, and immediately the fire extinguished. "Hoo-yah!" he shouted, exhilarated by this new power.

"So! Fortified with magic! Wanna try it out?" Spekkio asked.

"Um, not yet, really," Stram said. "We gotta find that kid first, anyway. And before that, we gotta check on Terr."

* * * * *

Terr awoke, feeling refreshed and energized. He bounced out of bed, and fell back over. He was confused. Where am I? he wondered. He slowly came to grips with reality. "I'm in the year 400 a.d., and I'm supposed to be sick." He looked at his chest, where the large gash was. It seemed to have healed up pretty well. A large scab had formed over it, and the swelling had gone down considerably.

"Oh, thank heavens, you're up!" announced a rather chubby nurse, and she checked Terr out. "You look good enough to leave!"

Terr smiled and thanked the woman. As if that was some signal, Chinook walked in. Seeing Terr better, she shrieked and ran over to hug him. He smiled warmly and went along with it. A voice came from the door.

"What a Kodak moment," said Crono. He smirked. "Gotcha back."

Terr blushed red. "We're just friends."

"Oh, sure." Crono laughed loudly.

Chinook abruptly changed the subject, hands still around Terr. "Remember Owen?" she asked.

"The little quiet guy who never gets in trouble?" asked Terr. "Yeah, I know him."

"He's our next stop," replied Chinook. "Gaspar said he's gonna be a big help against Lavos."

"Owen?!" yelled Terr. "Since when does OWEN fight?!"

Chinook shrugged. "Gaspar said so."

Terr nodded. He smiled and said, "Next stop, Owen's house."


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