An Evil Beyond Lavos Chapter 12

By Kaeru

Wheezing and panting, Lucca ran in the door. "What happened?" asked Marle worriedly.

"I'm not exactly sure," breathed Lucca. "We were hot on the trail to finding Schala. We were somewhere in the year 610, and we were jumped by a guy in a mask. I think I know him from somewhere, but I'm not sure where..." her voice trailed off, but restarted again. "The guy attacked us with some seriously heavy magic, and nabbed Magus and Cyprus. I ran away, and I remember one thing Cyprus yelled to us. 'It's Zeal magic!' he had yelled. I made it to the Epoch, and had to leave without them."

"Oh, great." Stram said sadly. "Against Zeal Magic, we don't stand a chance."

"We did last time," said Chrono boldly. "We'll have to do it again."

"Before you leave," Gaspar said mysteriously. "There are two people in that time you must meet up with. One is 16 years old, and will make a very strong teammate. The other is from a dark, evil background, but is very strong in magic."

"Yeah, whatever," Terr said. "Magus is a good friend, even if he's a little solitary. Let's go." The team was made up of Lucca, Chrono, Terr, Glenn and Marle. They flew off in the B-Zar. Chinook watched the ship as it entered the portal full of nothing but darkness. "Good luck, Terr," she whispered.

* * * *

Magus awoke in a small stone room. Slowly coming to, he realized he was tied to a pole and was gagged. In panic, he tried to pull away from it. Calming down, he tried to burn it with his magic. With another wave of panic, he realized he no long er had his magical abilities. He began pulling at the ropes. Beside the wall, he noticed his scythe. He looked aound the room some more, and noticed a comatose being beside the fireplace. Cyprus, thought Magus. He tried to signal his brother, but Cyprus was out cold. Desperately searching for an escape route, he saw a woman watching him. "Welcome," she said. "I am Gyra. You may know me better as... the Rogue."

Magus gasped. The woman took off his gag. "Welcome to my lovely house. At the moment, we are 500 feet underground."

"Where... when am I?" asked Magus. "And how did you escape from Zeal's eternal soul prison?"

"Ah," she said in a content manner. "You Zealots really are half-witted. You tried to cover it up. But when Zeal fell, I came back. I was the only Earthbound-born child who had any magical talent. I was trapped between the two worlds, of which neither I was accepted. When your troops tried to... dispose of me... I murdered them. Not wanting it to get out, your mother locked me up. The fall of the kingdom of Zeal broke the seal to my "eternal" prison. Mainly, my magic power was to steal other's magic powers. That's what happened to yours, fool." She cast a small dark bomb near Magus. "I rather like this magic. I think I'll keep it."

"Not on your life." Magus replied. "You don't have Cyprus' magic yet, do you?"

"I was getting to that." She gagged Magus again. She then walked slowly towards Cyprus. Suddenly, she was shot back by an immense beam of shadow energy. Cyprus had broken free. "Die, Earthbreed," he growled.

"Rather not," she said. She cast Magus's Gloom Radiation, injuring both Magus and Cyprus. "Noooo!!" cried Cyprus. The spell had broken the ropes that held Magus. He made a sprint for his scythe, and with one fluid movement, he pulled it tightly on Gyra's neck. "Don't move. Don't forget, you aren't immortal." she tried to struggle free of the hold, but he pulled the blade tighter on her neck. "Always trying to find your way out," he laughed. Cyprus stood up and joined his brother. She fired a beam of electricity at Cyprus, knocking him down. "End it now," she told Magus.

He pulled the blade tighter, but stopped. "I... I can't." Cyprus looked at him bewilderedly.

"You sentimental fool," she said coldly. She pulled a dagger from a sheath at her side and lunged at Magus. "Haven't forgotten the big part of the scandal, have you?" she said. "The part you didn't even tell mommy dearest."

"I... I don't know what you're talking about," Magus replied quickly.

"Yes you do," she said to him. "You were 15, as was I. It was mere weeks before your mother tried to murder me."

"Stop!" Magus yelled, tears in his eyes.

"What is she talking about?" asked Cyprus.

"Oh, you didn't even tell your brother! I bet you didn't tell your dear departed sister, either. Well Cyprus, him-" Magus slapped her in the face. She slapped him back. "Him and I had a love affair! It was wonderful, until I dumped him on my way to prison."

Cyprus stared at Magus, open-mouthed. "Brother, why hadn't you told me?"

"Then there's the part you didn't know, Janus." she said. He put his blade to her throat. She whispered, "You had a son!"

Magus gasped. "I refuse to believe it!" he cried. Pushed by pure anger, he drove the blade into her shoulder. She screamed. "Believe it," she whispered hoarsely. She then fell to the ground in a coma. "Magus..." Cyprus said slowly. "Let us forget this entire incident. We must find Schala. I can feel it, she is somewhere in this time." Then they set off, searching farther for Schala.

* * * *

Chinook retuned from the year 2000. With her was a young man with blond hair in a hairstyle similar to Glenn's, a small pair of glasses, and deep brown eyes. He was wearing a red shirt with a white stripe. "What is this place?" he asked confusedly.

"It's the end of Time," replied Gaspar. "Spekkio? We have someone new for you to meet."

A lone Kiwala stepped into the room. "Ah, yes," he said in a wise tone. "Welcome. So... do you want to learn something really neat?"

"Umm..." Owen started. He looked over to Chinook. She nodded her head. "I... guess so..." he seemed very confused, and Ti'ana sensed it.

"Don't worry," she said warmly. "It's interesting."

Owen walked into Spekkio's room. He looked Owen over, as if inspecting a horse ready to race. "Well! I certainly sense magic inside you." He looked Owen in the face, and gave him some instructions. "Walk around this room three times thinking magic." Owen followed the instructions, and stood in front of Spekkio. "You have a distinct magic within you." Spekkio raised his hand. "Ipso Facto Meenie Mo Magico!" he cried, and Owen felt a strange power flowing from him. "You now have the magic of water. Well, to be more specific, the power of ice."

Spekkio looked at Owen expectantly. "Well? Try it out. Owen raised his hand, forming frost on the sides of his arm. "No! Try harder!"

This time Owen put his all his energy into it. A rigid piece of ice formed on his arm, and shattered, sending bits of ice flying across the room. "Great job!" said Spekkio. "Thanks," said Owen quietly.

"It's time to go," said Ayla from the door. "We no wait much longer!"

"Huh?" asked Owen. But he followed the girl's orders. He walked into the main room, to see nine people he didn't know staring at him. Chinook and Terr walked across the room to greet him. "Hello," the one with red hair said. "I'm Chrono."

"Uh, hi," said Owen shakily. "I'm Owen."

Chinook introduced him to everyone. She pointed to each person, one at a time. "This is Marle, Robo, Ayla, Ti'ana, Glenn, Lucca, Gaspar, and Stram." They all waved when their name was said. Gaspar spoke soon after.

"What did you come up with?" he asked Chrono.

"Nothing," replied Chrono. "We didn't find the two people, nor did we find Magus or Cyprus. We didn't even see the Epoch."

"Time runs short," Gaspar said. "It will soon be time to fight the final battle. This battle will change the course of history."

"But everything is fine in history," Marle said. "What needs changing?"

"Go to the year 4505 a.d. and find out for yourself," Gaspar said.

Terr told Owen to come. "He'll come for this one." Terr and Owen stepped into the B-Zar. Following him came Glenn, Ti'ana and Chinook. The B-Zar took off, and was sucked into the portal.


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