Innocent Blood Prologue

By Kaeru

March 19, 2007

President McDonald shook hands with the leader of the PRE. "Welcome," said the president. "Please, have a seat." He pulled out a chair, and the Prime Minister sat himself down. "Now," said the president, as he seated himself. "Back to negotiations."

"Yes," said the Prime Minister. "As I was saying before, we wanted your nation of America to join our Republic. With you as my right hand man, we will rule the world in peace and harmony. We will wipe out poverty and unemployment, as has already happened in some of the weaker parts of our land, such as the India and Thailand sectors."

No longer the leader of the most influential country on the planet, the President was interested. "Tell me more," said Mr. McDonald, with an unreadable expression on his face.

"Yes. We then will stop all anarchy, and make our world a great one." The Minister shifted in his seat at the word 'Anarchy'.

"You have something in mind, Hylar," said McDonald.

Mr. Hylar sighed. "Yes. We have reason to believe that there is a band of rebels stationed in three places in North America. In Boston, there is a small hideout. They plan on making a move soon, but we don't know when. They are also stationed in Seattle, and may have a great amount of support there already. But their largest force is right inside Ottawa, Canada's capital. With this knowledge, we believe that Canada itself may be working against he PRE. We know that you aren't... on greatest terms... with the Prime Minister of Canada."

"Indeed you are right," said McDonald he picked up his pen. "Give me the papers. The United States of America is joining the People's Republic of Earth." Mr. Hylar slid the papers across the desk to Mr. McDonald. As McDonald began to press the pen to the paper, Hylar looked out the window dreamily. "This firepower should be very useful to our country." He then noticed the lower right pane of glass shake a bit. "Mr. McDonald?" he said shakily.

"Yes?" said the President, who had gotten to the third sheet.

"This place is built like a fortress, am I correct?"

"As far as I know."

"Good." Hylar took the papers, but suddenly stopped as a bullet entered the side of his head and fired out the other side. Before the President had time to react, a bullet entered his chest. And the assassin took the papers in his hand, and left through the window from which he came.


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