Innocent Blood Chapter 1

First Blood

By Kaeru

"We've got the papers!" cried Commander Hart, holding te papers high over his head. The crowd in front of him erupted in cheers and applause. The crowds cheered even louder as he pulled out a lighter to the papers. They burned slowly, but surely. When they were completely burned he stamped on them over and over, sending ashes flying across the room. "But this won't hinder the PRE. They know it's us now." The crowd quieted down. "So keep the battle going. Troops dismissed."

Master Corporal Green entered his quarters, with a large smile on his face. He was happy, despite the fact that World War 3 was going on all around him. He patted his bunkmate, ally, and long time friend on the shoulder. "Owen," he said. "We are gonna rock those PRE Communist ^$*&." He climbed up on his bunk. "I wonder how it's going right now over in Station B?"

"I... meant to talk to you about that," said Owen slowly. "I'm getting transfered there as of Thursday." Station B was the Communications Base in Seattle. Owen hadn't even raised the subject over the last couple of weeks. Instead, he had been staring into space.

"..." Green didn't say a word. "You too?"

"Yeah, Terr," said Owen, looking slightly dissapointed. "I guess this is farewell."

"Yeah," said Terr. His squadron was preparing for a big strike on a missile silo for the next two days, and Owen would instead stay behind and pack up. "But you don't know a thing about Com, do you?"

"I got a raise, too," said Owen. "I'm gonna be a Master Corp, too. And I'll be one of the guards."

"Well..." sighed Terr. "Say hi to Chinook for me." he sighed again. He almost wished he were in Station B, but he shook his head. "No... I can't... this is where the action is. I've got a job." He looked at Owen, and stuck a hand out. "Good luck."

Owen looked at his hand, and shook it. "Yeah. Thanks. And I'll tell Chinook you're waiting for the next long weekend." He winked, and left. Terr watched for a second, but then began to suit up for the missile silo disarmanent.


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