Innocent Blood Chapter 2

By Kaeru

"You're friggin' kidding..." growled Terr as he stood at attention in another meeting. Right after they had gotten back from a sucessful missile rig, a meeting was called for all personnel. Commander Riggs stood at the front of the crowd, a melancholy look on his face. He looked at all the faces in the crowd, stopping momentarily on Terr. "Station B has been completely annihalated," Riggs said into the microphone. "I know there were a lot of friends there, and they've all died. Not a survivor is left."

Terr looked down, a tear forming in his eye. he thought of Chinook, of Owen, and his other friends. It took a while to sink in. "All dead..." muttered Terr. As the group was dismissed, he went to his room in the barracks, to find someone else had moved in.

"Hey, bunkie," said the new person in Terr's room. She was about six feet tall, with blonde hair flowing to her shoulders, and dangerous curves. Needless to say, Terr was surprised. But he still hadn't gotten over the fact that his best friends were dead. "Hi," he muttered to his new bunkmate. He made his way to his bunk, and started taking his boots off. "What happened to the female bunker?" he asked, distracted. His voice seemed to come from a million miles away.

"This is my temporary place," she said. "Oh, sorry," she said, blushing. "My name's Marrim." She stuck her hand. Terr paused, then shook her hand. "Green," he said. "Terr Green."

"Well," she said. "I was on mission in Tallahassee from yesterday 'til now," she paused. "When we got back, Station B was completely gone. They transferred me and my platoon here. And since the female bunks were filled, I have to wait two weeks in here until a room shows up."

Terr looked up. He seemed interested now. "You were at Station B?" he asked. A hollowness apeared in his voice. "Did you know Chinook DeVent?"

A smile crept on Marrim's face. "Oh, now I know where I know your name!" exclaimed Marrim. "You're Chinook's boyfriend... or ex-boyfriend, anyway..." Marrim said. "Well, Chinook did tell me everything about you. You two sure were close." Marrim looked out the window and sighed. "Chinook was my old bunkie. Small world, huh?"

"Yeah, right," said Terr. He laid down on his bed and fell asleep, and thought to himself, "I never want to wake up."


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