Innocent Blood Chapter 3

By Kaeru

"Terr..." a familiar voice ran through Terr's mind like the wafting smell of bread baking. He tried to turn to hear the voice, but it came from all directions. "Chinook...?" he asked, but there came no response. A beam of light shot past him, blinding him temporarily. The voice spoke again. "End of Time," the voice said. "Tomorrow..."

"Wake up, Terr!" shouted a voice. He was being shaken by the shoulders. His eyes adjusted to the light, and he saw Marrim shaking him. "You started having these spasms, and you looked like you were in pain..." Marrim looked down. "Sorry. You okay?"

Terr sat up. "Um, yeah," he replied. He sat up and quickly got on his uniform as Marrim turned her back. He soon remembered the dream he had the last night. It was so real, he had almost felt the pain...

"Listen, Marrim," Terr said. He turned around as Marrim got changed. "I've got to take a week off. Hold the fort. I'm going to Toronto for a while."

"Okay," replied Marrim. Terr stepped out the door and headed to the commander's to ask for leave.

* * * *

"This is quite frankly the worst possible time to ask for leave," sighed Riggs. "But I know you were good friends with Owen, and I feel kind of guilty. So, I'll give you that leave after all."

Terr smiled, stood up and saluted. "Thank you, Sir," said Terr. He then walked out of the room, and caught the next train to Toronto.

* * * *

When Terr got home, he was devastated to see the state Toronto was in; the crime rate had increased drastically. People had literally painted the town red. There were also half broken buildings on the brink of toppling. He quickly found a rental place, and in a desperate rush, hijacked one of the cars. He sped almost all the way to his old house, only to find it in shambles. It was covered in graffiti and eggs. He rushed in, only to find people with a blowtorch working at his safe.

"You little jerks!" he cried, taking his handgun from his belt and his knife from his boot. He cocked the gun and looked menacingly at the four bandits.

"Damn city boy won't shoot," said the tallest of the four. They all reached to their belts for machetes. But Terr was toughened by his work in the rebel army, and wasn't afraid to kill. Without hesitation he shot the first bandit in the chest and threw his knife, sending it straight into another's forehead. The other two looked in fear to their fallen comrades, and dropped their weapons.

"Leave or die," growled Terr. "I still have fourteen more bullets."

"Let's go!" said the shorter of the two. He sprinted out the door, followed by the other thug. Terr quickly ran over to his safe and started entering his 5-number combination.

"45,76,51,60..." he muttered to himself, and he ripped open the safe. He found a pair of keys in there. Running to the basement, he came to the Epoch. He was shocked to find it covered in graffiti. Angrily, he shoved the key in the ignition hole. Heturned the key, set the clock, and zoomed into the depths of time and space.


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