An Evil Beyond Lavos Chapter 15

By Kaeru

In the End of Time, Tetsuro was sent into Spekkio's room. "You guys are really giving me a workout," Spekkio said. "I have taught about a hundred of you guys magic this week."

"Well, I promise that Tetsuro here will be the last one," Marle said cheerfully. She pushed him into the room and left. With Lucca and Chrono behind him, he reluctantly entered. Spekkio looked him over. "Well," Spekkio announced, "I think you are a lightning person.Walk around the room three times, and think about magic." Tetsuro did as he was told, walking around the room, thinking about magic. Then, he stepped back up to Spekkio. "IPSO, FACTO, MEENIE MO MACIGO!" he cried. Tetsuro createed a small storm around him, electrical bolts of power surrounding him. "Would you like some practice?"

"No," Chrono said. "We have a really big battle to fight."

"Oh, okay," Spekkio said. "But, as you know, Kao is an adversary with evil beyond Lavos. Take this though, and don't tell anyone I gave it to you." Spekkio handed them his Heavy booster set. It was a small wooden box with the word 'HEAVY BOOSTER' engraved on it. Inside, there were thirty small pills. "The red ones are speed tabs," Chrono began to tell Terr, Stram, Ti'ana, Chinook, Owen and the others. "The blue ones are power tabs, and the purple ones are magic tabs." Inside, the were also twenty bottles of liquid. Ten were purple and ten were yellow. "The purple ones are HyperEthers. When you run low on magic power, take one of these."

"How can we tell if we're low on this magic power?" asked Terr.

"You get dizzy, disoriented, and you can't do magic." Chrono replied. Then he pointed to the yellow ones. "They are MegaElixirs. If you are down on magic, and you are injured really bad, drink this. Then throw it to the person beside you, let them drink some. There is enough in these things for everyone." He then closed the case and handed it to Terr. "You take care of it." Terr shoved it in his backpack, and walked over with everyone else, gathered in front of Gaspar.

"You have no more tasks to complete," Gaspar said sullenly. "It is time to battle Kao. Lucca will drive the B-Zar, four people at a time, to exactly fifteen minutes before the Armaged-don occurs. This is at 16:30, November 1, 3999. You must leave now. Lucca, take them in loads to this time."

"Okay," said Lucca said. She stepped into the B-Zar, followed by Chinook, Ti'ana, Ayla and Marle. Almost as soon as she left, she was back, and she picked up Glenn, Robo, Chrono and Stram. On her third trip, she got Owen, Terr, Tetsuro and Freedan. Then, they set off for Kao. The Apocalyptic Battle began.


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