An Evil Beyond Lavos Chapter 16

By Kaeru

"Okay, everyone, ready or not, here comes a crash course on magic and fighting. We're going to have to fight without Magus, which will be tough. We'll get along, though. Let's nail this guy, but here's a worst case scenario that you'll have to think of.

"Let's say that you're really badly injured. So is Kao. One spell will kill him, but it'll kill you, too. What do you do?"

Marle replied to Chrono. "We heal ourselves. Taking him down isn't worth our life."

"Right." replied Chrono. Looking to Terr, Owen and Chinook, he said, "When this is over, Toronto will be in it's normal state."

"Good," replied Owen. "No-one, not even the Americans, deserve that." He smiled and nudged Terr jokingly.

Tetsuro, here's your new weapon." Chrono handed Tetsuro the Vedic Blade. "Thanks," replied Tetsuro.

"Let it begin," Freedan said. "We will vanquish this guy, and he'll be so toasted...

"Yeah," replied Terr. "HEY!" he cried. "WHEREVER YOU ARE, BRING IT ON!!!"

"Okay," said a voice from somewhere around. The voice sent a chill down Chinook's spine. "So... that's what pure evil sounds like..." she whispered.

In front of them, a humanoid materialized. He looked a lot like Slash, the Henchman of Ozzie.

"Slush?" asked Frog. "It's been a long time since we last met, Sir Slush."

"No," Kao said happily. "I just made him to look like me. I guess he didn't last too long, though."

"Yeah," Chrono said. "He didn't."

"Well, neither did my other creations," said Kao. "For example, the mystics were my creation, as well as Lavos..."

"You are sick..." said Stram. "Why destroy a planet?"

"I find it exciting," Kao replied simply. "I get a rush everytime. Earth here is number... 309? No, it's 310. Earth will be the 310th planet I destroy."

"Wanna play with numbers?" asked Terr. "You have ten seconds to live."

"Oh, is that right?" asked Kao. "You are just a bunch of rusty magic users and new rookies. This will be the high point of my day."

"Hmm..." Stram said. "High point of your day includes expiring?"

"No," Kao said. "It includes wiping you out of existance."

"I don't think so," Lucca said, loading the Wondershot. "Let's go."


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