Hi! My name is Patrick Gibby, and I am a fanfic writer since 2001. I am 18 as of May '01, and I am a big player of video games. I specialize in RPGs, and I play them every chance I get. I hope you enjoy my collection of fanfics which I have spent days creating the storyline. If you wish to send me any mail for any reason, my address is So what are you staring at? Cyberspace? Click on one of the hyperlinks below and start reading, ok. Enjoy again.

Hey, sorry I've been away for so long. I've had my real first case of writer's block, and let me say that it is worse than the flu. At least when you have the flu, you can work on fanfic. Anyway I finally have an update so enjoy it.

To My World and Back Again
To My World and Back Again
After waiting all his life and over a year of trial and error, Patrick Simmons has finally breached the gap between time and space. But this victory comes with a responsibility. His success has brought three travelers to his world, the real world, and he must find a way to take them back to the right place in time and space without letting his childhood rival, John Cindel, know about it. As if this isn't hard enough, he's starting to see a little blue-haired child that no one else sees who keeps talking about Destiny and Patrick's power growing within.
Disclaimer - October 10th, 2001
Prologue - December 13th, 2000
Chapter 1: Genesis - December 13th, 2000, revised July 17th, 2003
Chapter 2: Friends and Enemies - December 13th, 2000
Chapter 3: A Life Unraveled - March 15th, 2001, revised July 17th, 2003
Chapter 4: An Answer to the Riddle - March 15th, 2001
Chapter 5: When the Past Speaks - May 23rd, 2001
Chapter 6: The Fateful Night - June 18th, 2001
Chapter 7: Awakenings - July 5th, 2001
Chapter 8: Settling In - August 24th, 2001
Chapter 9: Shopping Days - February 8th, 2002
Chapter 10: Spirit Energy - May 20th, 2002
Chapter 11: Sparring Match - January 16th, 2003
Chapter 12: SROC Revisited - July 17th, 2003
Chapter 13: The Mysterious Sarah Marie - July 17th, 2003
Chapter 14: Millenium Dreams - August 18th, 2003
Chapter 15: Party On - August 18th, 2003
Chapter 16: Introspection - November 30th, 2003
Chapter 17: Sick Days - November 30th, 2003
Chapter 18: Bursting Point - July 10th, 2005
Chapter 19: Delerium - July 10th, 2005

Of Magic and Mayhem by CuteLucca and Ghost
Lucca Ashtear was having a great day. That day was ruined when Jacious Sram, a so-called scientists, literally drops in on her using a gate of his making. How can she cope with this new pain, and what could the man possibly want? Follow the story as realities meet and the Chrono Trigger cast comes alive in this role-play based fanfiction between two major Lucca fans.

Rated for language, chaos, the unexpected, innuendo, and good old fashioned Chrono Trigger fun for the readers!
Chapter 1: A Quick Introduction - October 11th, 2004
Chapter 2: Who the Hell are You Anyway? - October 11th, 2004
Chapter 3: Welcome to Truce, Circa 1000 AD - October 11th, 2004
Chapter 4: Becoming a Royal Pain - October 11th, 2004
Chapter 5: Life Festival: Part One - October 11th, 2004
Chapter 6: Life Festival: Part Two - October 11th, 2004
Chapter 7: The Monster of Mystic Mountains - October 11th, 2004
Chapter 8: Friends...For Now - October 11th, 2004
Chapter 9: The Origins of Magic - October 11th, 2004
Chapter 10: Test for a Real Zealot - October 11th, 2004
Chapter 11: The Walls Begin to Crumble - October 11th, 2004

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