Greetings all, I am Novalon: Protector of Good and Annihilator of evil. These stories are based on my many adventures, and are entirely true (In my mind anyway :)

I know there is but one story, but I am diligently working on the sequel "The legend of the four planets."

Now to be serious...
These stories are based on Chrono Trigger in general, but some of you will find other characters from such great games as Final Fantasy (all of them... except for 9 and any others I haven't played), Star Ocean 2, and Lunar (the silver star story). My next story will also include events that will set in motion the great epic: Chrono Cross.

ReviewableThe Disease Called Evil- If you thought Crono was done with fighting, think again! A new evil, nearly the strongest in the universe, takes Crono hostage and sparks the Chrono Trigger Alumni to react. But, along the way, they meet a Wizard who is the exact opposite of their enemy. Will good triumph over evil? Or will the forces of evil overpower those of good, and become the cause of the end of all human life as we know it?

NOTE: Perhaps you might hear the mention of a kingdom called Enhasa. This Kingdom is similar in name only...

(Starts sprinting away as a pack of angry lawyers hired by Nanaki gives chase. Yells back to them, "Damn it, shouldn't you be going after 'The Spy' or something? I didn't rip off anything!" Runs away in fear)
Prologue - December 13th, 2000
Chapter 1: A Noble Sacrifice - December 13th, 2000
Chapter 2: Crono And The Dark Wizard - December 13th, 2000
Chapter 3: Power That Is Divine - December 13th, 2000
Chapter 4: The Frog, The Mage, And The Pure - December 13th, 2000
Chapter 5: For Guardia! - December 13th, 2000
Chapter 6: Survivor of the Lost Kingdom - December 13th, 2000
Chapter 7: The Queen is Saved - December 13th, 2000
Chapter 8: The Fated Hour - December 13th, 2000
Chapter 9: The Battle For Right - December 13th, 2000
Explanations & Notes - December 13th, 2000
Epilogue: All Good Things... - December 13th, 2000

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