Probably the oldest writer you'll find in this fanfic section, I'm a 24 year old college graduate with a degree in psychology with minors in English, linguistics (I speak French and German), and sociology. I live in Kansas with my husband and our cat and three kittens (Magnet, Magellan, Pandora and Lennox). I'm also an eternal kid at heart.

I write professionally on the side, but I find that when writer's block hits, fanfic is the best way to brainstorm and clear my mind. Chrono Trigger was always a fascinating game, and a good pasttime for those days when I needed something to take me away from the rest of the world. The Magus has staunchly fascinated me with his dark psyche and complex nature, and henceforth, I tend to write mostly about him.

I do take requests however, anyone wishing me to write about a character (or group of characters) in paticular, please don't be afraid to send me email. I also give writing tips to anyone wanting an educated opinion (however, no one's opinion professional or otherwise should ever make you feel inadequate, I never give destructive criticism).

ReviewableDark Winds
Chapter 1: Winds Rising - January 12th, 1999
Chapter 2: Past Winds - January 12th, 1999
Chapter 3: A Gathering of Clouds - January 16th, 1999
Chapter 4: Pearls of Thunder - January 16th, 1999
Chapter 5: Lightning Crashes - January 19th, 1999
Chapter 6: The Storm Breaks - February 20th, 1999
Chapter 7: The Dark Winds Howl - February 20th, 1999
Epilogue: The Calm After the Storm - February 20th, 1999
Author's Notes - February 20th, 1999

ReviewedDust in the Wind
Dust in the Wind - February 1st, 1999
Author's Notes - February 20th, 1999

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