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Breath of Fire 3 Fanfiction
ReviewableAn Orphan- A short account of Rei's early life living in the Cedar Woods, and how he tries to visit the grave of the only parent that he knew.
An Orphan - June 27th, 2000

Chrono Trigger Fanfiction
ReviewableMan No Longer
- About how Ozzie creates mystics with his strange mutating ooze, including two men who he renames Slash and Flea. This story is about Slash and his anguish during the time after he was mutated.
Man No Longer - June 27th, 2000

Final Fantasy 7 Fanfiction
ReviewableCurse of the Highwind- A sad tale about Cid trying to steal the Highwind back from Junon officials who want it and Upper Junon destroyed. Cid travels to Junon in the Tiny Bronco but what troubles will he and his friend Ray encounter once they steal the airship?
Curse of the Highwind - June 27th, 2000

ReviewedNeglect- About Reeve and the pain he suffers while controlling Cait Sith and about how he doubts his sanity.
Neglect - June 27th, 2000

Final Fantasy 8 Fanfiction
ReviewedWe Are One- This one is about Edea before she became possessed by Ultimecia. She encounters the witch from the future in her dreams, and Ultimecia gradually takes over her.
We Are One - June 27th, 2000

Breath of Fire 3 Fanfic
Chrono Trigger Fanfic
Final Fantasy 7 Fanfic
Final Fantasy 8 Fanfic