Man No Longer

By LightSoul

First note: This story is to fill in some of the blanks in the life of the CT character, Slash. It doesn't go into much detail as any good author would, but I simply want to tell a story, a bad one or not. It stars Slash, of course, with Flea as the main supporting character. Ozzie is also a strong character in the story. Magus appears about halfway in, and Crono, Marle and Lucca make a brief cameo. When I saw Slash on the Chrono Cross character list I went whoo-hoo! But it wasn't Slash at all, so, dammit.


What is it to be human? To be able to experience life, to touch, to smell, to taste, to see, to breathe, to bleed. The same as it is to be an animal.

What is it to be mystic? To be stronger, faster than man. To taste those that would kill man. To walk the Earth and be feared. The same as it is to be a monster.

The Middle Ages, 600 AD. The world is ruled by human, though mystic is trying its hand at rebellion. Wars break out between the two species. The king of Guardia, the mightiest region on the dark planet, is being challenged by a mysterious mystic named Ozzie. While Guardia has his own castle, so does his enemy. A large stronghold cast away from human society, linked only by a cave that runs underneath the straight between Ozzie Island and the human's coast.

Inside a dark room inside the large, dim castle owned by Ozzie. A man groans as he tries to sit up from a boiling hot bath of strange, thick liquid. As he opens his eyes, the dark room blurs in and out of vision. Tiring of it, the man closes his burnt eyes and falls onto his backside once again, inside the boiling tub. Two burning pipes pump heat into the porcelain bed, creating bubbles of intense heat. The man can't feel the heat, or anything for that matter. His body is far too stiff and burnt to feel anymore. The man found a strange mask on his face, pushing oxygen into his nose.

"Hey, I hear some noises in there."

The man hears a voice, but he can't tell what gender the voice comes from, or quite what it's saying.

"What kind of noises?"

This voice was kind of raspy, like nails on a blackboard and made the man feel like shuddering. The man tried to sit up, but found himself on his back once again, underneath hot, burning liquid. He then began to place his hands together and pray.

Can't breathe...In so much pain...should I just drown myself now?

"You know, splashing and stuff. I think that guy's finally awake."

That voice again. This will be the last time I hear it. I'll take off this mask and let my mouth fill with this liquid. That should do it...

"Alright. I'll check it out."

The nails on the board once more. I can sense him coming closer, though I hear no footsteps. Even under all this stinking liquid I can smell his breath. Like fish left to roast on a sidewalk.

Two dark, green hands are placed on the side of the porcelain bathtub. His long, claw-like nails scraped along the tub as he looked inside with anticipation. The noise made the man force his eyelids to close. He cupped his hands over his ears. The noise was worse than the green man's voice.

"Get out of there, you idiot."

The nails voice said, muffled through the burning liquid. The man refused to get up. He shook his head violently, splashing some of the liquid out of the bath. The green man backed away a few inches.

"I said get up! I don't wanna burn my hands again!" The man placed his charred hands over his tattered ears and pushed hard. The nails voice was fading away. The man felt light-headed. He was about to die.

Something grabbed his neck. An angel? The green, scaly hand yanked the man from the tub. The rough skin itself felt like it could be used to smooth wood. Some of the dead skin flicked off like old paint.

"What's wrong with you, by Satan?" The nails voice asked, the owner hidden by shadows, though his eyes seemed to glow a sickly yellow. His breath came out in a green steam.

"U...uh..." The naked man groaned, feeling his warm, wet skin. The man with the green skin picked up a candleholder with a worn, melted candle and lit it with a fire that magically came from his finger. The small flame lit the room a little, allowing the man to see the green mystic in the face. The mystic's gills flapped from side to side. His face was extremely ugly, and reminded the man of a toad.

"Just remind me one day, and I'll teach you magic, too." The gilled, green mystic smiled a yellow-toothed grin.

"S-sir..." The man moaned.

"Look at yourself." The mystic said. "You don't look human at all anymore. Good! But you still look enough like a human to let me classify you as a failure. I'll have to write that down."

"S-sir Ozzie..."

"You remember my name." Ozzie said. "Good. You'll be hearing it a lot around here. I plan to make many more like you, pal."

" son..." The man groaned.

"You won't be seeing them anymore." Ozzie laughed an evil laugh. The cackles pounded their way into the man's skull like a hammer.

"Let me go the water..." The man groaned, falling to the hardwood floor. Steam poured from his wet body as he lay down.

"That's not water, stupid. That's my special mutagenic mystic formula..."

"What...?" The man croaked.

"You used to be a you're a mystic!" Ozzie laughed. The bulges on his belly rolled with laughter. The man on the floor was repulsed. He looked at his hands in the limited light. They were larger than before, and pocked with burns. He placed these hands over his eyes.


"There is no God within these walls, save our mighty Ozzie!" Ozzie said, hitting the man to the floor.

"I will never worship you. My beliefs are true." The man said.

"We'll see if we can help that..." Ozzie chuckled. "You were good with a sword in your previous life as a human. I hope you still have these skills."

"Why?" The man asked.

"You're the newest addition to my army of mystics, my friend." Ozzie cackled. "Do you remember you name?"

" don't know..." The man moaned. His mind strained to remember. The images he found were blurred beyond belief.

"Get up. You look pitiful." Ozzie ordered, pulling the man up by his arms.

"Is my name...Darston...?"

"He remembered..." Ozzie thought to himself. "Damn him."

The buzzing is drilling into my brain. A mosquito...about three feet behind me...coming closer...I reach out my hand behind me and close it into a fist. I no longer hear the buzz. I hear its skin scraping along my palm. And I can feel it. Its legs tearing from its abdomen. The blood it had consumed spreading across my palm.

I'm no longer human...the fat bloat's words are true...

"No, Darston is not your name. You name is Slash...let's hope you aren't a complete failure, like your big brother out there."

"I heard that!" The other voice yelled.

"You still feel the burns?" Ozzie asked, the nails once again colliding with the blackboard.

"Yes..." Slash said, shivering.

"Stay here for a while." Ozzie ordered.

I'll get back in there...drown myself while he isn't here...

"Oh, right..." Ozzie said. A bolt of lightning rolled from nowhere and destroyed the tub. The pieces of porcelain flew about the room and Slash cowered, placing his head underneath his torso. The formula rushed across the floor and burned Slash's feet again. Ozzie had avoided this however, since he never seemed to have his feet on the ground.

"That's so you don't try anything stupid again." Ozzie said. "Stay here and change your prayers to put Ozzie's name in place of God's." Ozzie picked up the candle and blew it out. The room returned to darkness.

I might as well be dead.

Ozzie floated out of the room to meet the second person.

"Any word from our spies in Guardia?" Ozzie asked.

"Yes." The other person nodded. "Cyrus and Glenn are off to find the Masamune."

"The Masamune..." Ozzie said quietly. "This could mean danger for us."

"No doubt." The second person agreed. "The Masamune could mean the end of us."

"Flea, you'll have to stop them cold in their tracks." Ozzie ordered.

"Whoa, hold it." Flea said, waving his hands in front of himself. "Why don't we send that loser in first. You know. Test him out."

"You mean Slash?" Ozzie asked. Flea nodded. "I see your feminine side is kicking in again. Or maybe that was the yellow-bellied gene that fell in with the female hormone."

"Shut up." Flea said. "Just shows who's a bumbling oaf."

"When do the fools leave?" Ozzie asked.

"Tomorrow." Flea said.

"Slash should be ready by tomorrow." Ozzie said, looking back into the dark room.

"Gotta keep him away from too much sun, though." Flea reminded Ozzie.

"Oh, yeah." Ozzie said. "Darston was a strong man. He should be able to take it."

The following morning came after what seemed to be an endless night. The stars had returned home, eager for the night to come so they could play. The moon had given way to the glorious sun, and its warm embrace.

"Here. Take this, too." Ozzie said, wiping the dust off an old, rusty helmet. He placed it onto Slash's head, and it fit perfectly.

"He looks good to go." Flea said, looking at his new brother. Slash stood, now covered in armour. The metal was cold, and tinged his body slightly.

"Nothing to say?" Ozzie croaked. Slash remained silent, in mind, mouth and body.

"Well? Speak up!" Flea yelled, slapping Slash on the cheek. Slash looked to the floor.

"I'll pray to you for my safe return...Lord Ozzie." Slash said, standing. He picked up his sword, the Slasher, and pressed the sides of the blade with his fingers. Slash's blood dripped onto the floor. Like a sort of acid, it made smoke rise, and then left a small hole.

"Decorating, huh?" Ozzie asked. "Nice touch."

"I was testing the blade, my Lord." Slash said, slightly annoyed. Slash rubbed his fingers together, trying to rub the fresh blood into nothingness. The heat he generated hurt his fingers, but he continued to do it.

"Blade's sharp. Armour's strong." Flea said, tapping Slash's breastplate. "Like I said before, he's good to go."

"Get moving." Ozzie said. "Go through the magic cave. Don't dawdle!" As Slash left, Ozzie turned to Flea.

"You, too." Ozzie said quietly, motioning for the doorway. Flea shook his head.

"What? We had an agreement!" Flea yelled.

"Watch him! That's all you have to do!" Ozzie said. "He might try something cowardly, like return to his family."

"Watch him...that's all, huh?" Flea asked, walking for the doorway. "Even if he does return, my lord, I don't believe he will be welcomed. He is now a monster. I only suggested the helmet so I didn't have to see the ugliness enclosed underneath it."

Bats...stupid bats...more darkness...I hate it.

Slash swung his sword around aimlessly, striking many beasts in the Magic Cave. Flea slowly followed, silently.

This is idiotic. Why me? Why did he have to choose me!

Slash swung his sword around furiously, knocking rocks from the walls of the cave. He carelessly created a lot of noise. Flea shook his head disappointedly.

God! I don't care what he says! I still pray to you, God!

Light again! It always was dark on Ozzie's Island, but now, through the cave's path under the straight, Slash had arrived on the mainland. Slash fell to his knees and grabbed his stomach. The pain from his burns had flared up once more. Ozzie should have let him rest for far longer. He was now back on his home soil, but he felt so out of place. He sat there, thinking for a while.

"Get on with it..." Flea whispered to himself. Slash stood again and walked across the plains.

At the foot of Guardia's castle, four men stood. Two were the castle's front guards. The others were two respected citizens of Guardia. One named Cyrus, the head of the Knights of the square table. The other, his most trusted friend, a man by the name of Glenn.

"We'll have the Masamune sooner than you think, old pal." Cyrus said to Glenn.

"I hope we can return to the castle soon. I'm really looking forward to our 'welcome home' banquet!"

With this, Cyrus and Glenn began to laugh.

"I like the way you look at things. I'm glad you decided to come, Glenn." Cyrus said.

"Thank you." Glenn replied. "I'm honoured you asked me to come along with you."

"Come, now. Don't give me that! We're best friends." Cyrus said.

"How touching." Slash's voice sounded. Cyrus and Glenn drew their swords. The voice was unfamiliar to them.

"Who's there?" Cyrus asked. "Come out. Show your face."

"Here I am." Slash said, stepping out of the garden. "My name is Slash, Cyrus."

"What's your business here?" Glenn asked, beginning to sweat due to the confrontation.

"I came because I was told...for nothing more." Slash, sounding unusually confident, drew his sword.

"Very subtle..." Flea whispered to himself, as he hid behind a large tree.

"You wish to fight me?" Cyrus asked. Slash nodded.

"Finish me quickly, brave knight." Slash said. "I was only told to kill you. The castle shall remain unharmed."

"Take off that helmet and let me have a good look at you, first." Cyrus ordered.

"No." Slash said simply. He attacked Cyrus to quicken the progress. Slash wanted death. Cyrus reacted quickly and dodged out of the way.

He quickly stabbed Slash in the guts, making him fall, bleeding.

"Thank you..." Slash wheezed.

"I do not want a piece of that." Flea sighed. "Just watch...that was the arrangement, but..."

A flash of light carted Flea and Slash back to Ozzie's fort. Ozzie looked them both in the eye.

"Disappointment." Ozzie said. "Flea, wrap up Slash's wounds."

In another room, Flea was rolling bandages around the large hole left by Cyrus. The blood got onto Flea's fingertips, slightly enraging him.

"Damn, Slash. What the hell is wrong with you?" Flea asked impatiently. "Ozzie said you were the pick of the litter. The best swordsman in Guardia!"

"I wanna die..." Slash groaned. "That bastard Ozzie..."

"I know." Flea said. "I was once the best magician in the area. He did to me what he did to you. Be thankful. At least you don't have breasts."

"Oh, really?" Slash asked, risking an uneasy smile.

"Ozzie's not completely heartless, though." Flea said as he washed his hands.

"Yeah, right..." Slash gasped, removing his heavy helmet, showing his deformed face.

"It's true. He's only fighting Guardia because they say they've got his son Janus tied up in there. That was a long time ago."

"I thought he only wanted to be king..." Slash said.

"That's what happens after he gets Janus back." Flea said. "But you know what?"

"What?" Slash asked.

"Janus isn't really in there. That's a rumour I started." Flea said, continuing his work.

"What? Where is this Janus?" Slash asked, sitting up.

"I dunno. I helped him run away from that bloat...I was the one that taught him magic. Don't know where the runt is now...I'd say he'd be about the age of 25-30, now."

"You lied to Ozzie...your Lord...?"

"I'm like you. I hate him, too." Flea said. "Stand up. We're done." Slash stood and rolled his shirt down.

"I'm so hungry..." Slash said.

"We got some pigs stashed downstairs. It's almost dinner time, anyway."

"Ozzie, I've heard some things about you." Another voice. This one sounds like the voice shadows would have if they could talk.

"L-like what?" Nails on a blackboard.

"That you've been challenging Guardia. It takes a good strong man to head such an operation."

"W-well, yes, I have been challenging him..."

"I'm taking over." The shadow said. Slash peeked through the doorway to see the bloat talking to a tall, dark, caped figure. Flea joined him. They both watched the two figures argue.

"Taking over! No way!" Ozzie yelled. His voice echoed as if the emphasise his argument.

"Like I said, it needs a you any of these?" The caped man asked.

"I am!" Ozzie yelled. "Watch my magic at work!" Ozzie created a barrier of ice around himself. The dark figure approached it.

"Try get through this!" Ozzie yelled. "The best of men could not dent my shield!" The figure tapped the ice gently with his fist, and cracks began to emerge. The ice fell apart and melted.

"You see?" The figure asked.

"Who's that?" Flea asked.

"I don't know." Slash replied. "But I'd lay my life on the line for him before I do so for Ozzie."

"Slash! Flea! Get down here!" Ozzie yelled. Slash and Flea entered and the figure looked at them.

"Well, what are ya waiting for!" Ozzie yelled. "Get him!" Slash smiled and put on his helmet. He got down on one knee. Flea slowly followed suit.

"You see, Ozzie? Even your men give their allegiance to me." The caped man said, sneering at Ozzie.

"Th-then, I will have to, too." Ozzie said, kneeling.

"Let it begin! The reign of the great Magus!"

Slash, Flea, and Ozzie were being led by Magus up the towering Denadoro Mountains in search of the two that Slash had let get past him. Slash was lagging behind.

"Keep up the pace!" Ozzie yelled. "We need to find those two!"

"Hold on. I see them." Magus said, looking ahead, brushing his blue hair away from his face. He saw two figures in the distance, walking in the same direction as he was.

"We've made excellent time, sir." Ozzie said.

"Yes, indeed." Magus said. "Come now. We climb these rocks here. That way, we shall be able to cut them off." Magus began to float up past the rocks with magic. Ozzie and Flea also floated, leaving Slash to climb. When Slash finally reached the top of the rocks, he found Flea who was already confronting Cyrus and Glenn, while Ozzie and Magus were nowhere in sight.

While Flea constantly used magic to his advantage, Cyrus was just as good with his sword. Cyrus rushed about quickly, stabbing Flea and leaving him to die where he lay.

"Another one." Glenn said. "I think he's a mystic."

"We can't let these mystics dog our trail everywhere we go." Cyrus said. "Let's keep moving."

"Stop right there." Slash said. "That's my brother!"

"You again!" Cyrus yelled. "I thought you would have learned your lesson when last we met!"

"Any normal man would have, Cyrus. But you hurt my brother! I'll avenge my brother!" Slash yelled, leaping forward. Glenn and Cyrus dodged out of the way. Slash jumped high and prepared to land on Cyrus, blade first. Cyrus jumped and tackled Slash in mid air, then brought him down. Cyrus cut Slash quickly across the chest.

Slash was dying once again. Glenn and Cyrus walked higher up the mountain, leaving the two brothers to die. Slash's eyes opened and closed with his breaths. In tune. He felt peaceful.

"Slash, you okay?" Flea's voice asked. Slash felt Flea's hands on his temples. Flea turned his brother's head and they looked each other in the eye.

"You'll be fine, man. I've been experimenting with curative magic lately." Flea said. "Hold on. Cure!" Slash felt a soothing sensation all over his body. Flea had saved him again.

"Thanks..." Slash said. "Good to see you're okay."

"We'll wait here for Ozzie and Magus to come back." Flea said. "No point in going up for more punishment, right?"

After a rough amount of two hours, a screaming startled the brothers from above.

"That's Cyrus's voice." Slash said.

"If he met Magus...then he's most likely dead. Mission accomplished." Flea said.

"Another scream. That was the green haired guy." Slash added.

"Magus...he's a monster, too." Flea said. "But I'll follow him because I'm afraid of him."

Suddenly, a large, shining sword crashed near Slash. The sword broke in two. One half fell into a small cave and the other plunged into the river below.

"That was the Masamune." Flea said. "I guess we don't have to worry about that, either."

Magus and Ozzie returned to the spot where Slash and Flea stood.

"Come on." Magus said. "We're done here."

"What did you do to them?" Slash asked.

"One is now nothing but embers." Magus said, smiling. "The a croaking monster."

"A mystic?" Slash asked.

"No, a frog!" Ozzie yelled. "How dare you call him one of us!"

"Sorry." Slash replied.

"Come." Magus ordered. "We'd best go home. We no longer need to worry about the Masamune."

Time passed. For Slash, it passed by very slowly. Everyday he would lay waste to a countless number of Guardia's knights. Each man he killed, each drop of blood that touched the ground, would make the man grit his teeth more and more, the anger swelling up inside him. But everyday, more men came, and everyday, Slash would fill with more rage. Would Guardia ever give in? Slash's arms were beginning to hurt. More soldiers came to Magus's castle, stopping the mystics from leaving. After the first few months had ended, Magus had given the order to stand down. He believed that good fortune would come in waiting. The next few years were very long indeed. The Guardia soldiers stayed. Nobody attacked anymore. Any soldiers that died were from causes of fever.

"It's been ten years already?" Flea asked. Ozzie nodded. Yet, to mystics, it was more like ten days. Age hadn't affected them at all.

"I don't believe this." Slash said. "Ten years, and we still sit here! Like statues! We breath, we have blood, yet we stay here living on food that a starving child would turn away!"

"Quiet, brothers. I have a plan." Magus reassured the team. "Tomorrow, we shall take the Zenan Bridge. If we destroy the bridge, nobody will be able to storm the castle anymore. Ozzie, you go to the bridge, and take some of your mystics with you. Slash and Flea, you remain here and hold off the soldiers so that Ozzie can be let through."

"If only you had thought of that ten years ago..." Flea whispered.

"What did you say?" Magus asked.

"N-nothing, sir." Flea recovered.


"One question, sir." Slash said. "Why exactly is it you want Guardia taken?"

"It's simple." Magus said. "Guardia is a powerful kingdom. I believe they need a good leader. King Guardia is an idiot! I shall be the new leader."

"But Magus..." Slash interrupted.

"Listen, man. Just do your job. You get fed and shelter from the rain, don't you?"

"Yes, sir..." Slash sighed.

"Once Ozzie has succeeded in destroying the Zenan Bridge, we shall kill the troops on this side within a few days. We can then float across the straight. Guardia will not be able to stop us, and we will no longer be trapped in this castle." Magus declared, then left.

"Will that guy ever give up?" Slash asked.

"He has been trying to summon a thing he calls Lavos for years..." Ozzie said. "I wonder if he can succeed..."

"I know it's been the same for the last few years..." The knight captain said. "But Magus may still try something. We need to stay here or else they could come out at any time."

"Have you devised a battle plan for if they do attack?" One soldier asked.

"Together, they are powerful." The commander said. "So we must take them apart. It's better to take Slash in groups, since he seems to have a short attention span. And we must catch Flea off guard while he is distracted."

"Sir! Sir!" A boy yelled, rushing onto the scene. "Mr. Commander, sir!"

"Me?" The commander asked. "What is it, boy?"

"A message from the king. You must return to the castle at once!" The boy yelled.

"Damn." The commander said. "Okay. Troops, handle things yourselves today. I cannot refuse an order from the king."

Zenan bridge, the only bridge that stretches across the straight between two islands. Ozzie and his troops marched across slowly. Many of Guardia's troops were waiting.

"Dinner time, men." Ozzie said. His army of living skeletons laughed. Guardia's knight commander had just crossed the bridge.

"Commander, look!" One of the soldiers yelled.

"What?" The commander asked, turning around. "Ozzie!"

"What should we do, commander?" One soldier asked.

"Handle it yourselves. I must see the king."

"Commander! This is very important!" A soldier yelled.

"Fine. I shall remain here." The knight commander said. "Block this end of the bridge and try to surround them!"

"Commander, our food supply has almost run out." One soldier said.

"No time to worry about that!" The commander yelled. "Get those cadavers, men!"

A red haired boy approached the scene, followed by two girls, one with blonde hair, one with purple. The knight commander looked at them.

"It's you, Sir Crono!" The commander yelled in delight.

"What's happening?" The blonde girl asked.

"Looks like those monsters have taken the bridge, Marle." The purple haired girl replied.

"The green Ozzie is trying to take over the bridge." The commander explained.

"Can we do anything?" Crono asked.

"Right now, we have things under control." The commander said. "Except...could you do us a favour?"

"What is it?" Crono asked.

"Go back to the castle and retrieve some new food supplies." The commander said. "I'm sorry for the inconvenience."

"You can count on us." Crono said. "Come on, Marle, Lucca."

"We are the only winners here!" Ozzie yelled. "Go, men!"

The skeletons rushed forward, stabbing all the men they could with their spears. The soldiers tried their best, but were overpowered. The knight commander stood his ground and took out many skeletons. The bones of each one killed scattered across the wooden panels of the bridge.

After an hour or so, Crono, Marle and Lucca returned and handed the commander some food. Ozzie couldn't hear their words, so he came closer. Crono, Marle and Lucca began to advance across the bridge.

"Who are you fools who challenge me?" Ozzie asked.

"I'm Crono!" The boy yelled, holding his sword tightly.

"My name is Marle!" The blonde girl yelled, gripping the handle of her crossbow.

"And I'm Lucca!" The purple haired girl shouted, holding her gun.

"No matter who you are, you won't survive this!"

Ozzie pointed to the group of three, and many skeletons surrounded them as Ozzie backed away. As Crono fought, Ozzie watched on.

"Strange...they don't look like they're from around Janus did when I found him. Maybe...maybe these kids are from the future!" Crono destroyed the last skeleton and the three began to chase Ozzie across the bridge.

"Try your luck with these!" Ozzie yelled, sending even more skeletons against them. Crono, Marle and Lucca begin to fight the enemy again.

"His fighting familiar...of course! They're Darston's moves! But he only showed those to his son, as did his father and his grandfather...Don't tell me...this Crono here is Darston's descendant!"

"Is that all you've got?!" Crono yelled.

"Yeah, bring it on, you slime!" Marle yelled. Ozzie began to cackle.

"Handle this one, children!" Ozzie yelled, creating a skeleton larger than the rest. "See you later!"

Ozzie fled at the sight of the three children's power.

Back at Magus's castle, the mystics had gathered once more.

"I'm sorry, sir. I failed." Ozzie said to Magus.

"Fool." Magus sighed.

"Guardia has a new fighter on their side." Ozzie said. "He is exceptionally strong."

"Has the king dispatched him to come to the castle?" Magus asked.

"He was coming across Zenan Bridge, and he defeated my best." Ozzie replied.

"Humph." Magus said. "Prepare. He may come to the castle via water like the other soldiers."

"No, sir." Ozzie said. "To make up for my mistake, I destroyed the kingdom's supply of boats."

"Excellent." Magus said. "Tomorrow, you may rest."

The following day, Flea entered Slash's room.

"Come on, Slash. We have to get ready for battle."

"What? But Magus said we could rest." Slash said.

"Plans have changed!" Flea yelled. "That boy Ozzie spoke of is here, along with two others, one being Glenn, the frog!"

"How did they get here?" Slash asked.

"The frog wields the Masamune!"

"What! Impossible!" Slash yelled.

"Just get ready. I'll see you later." Flea left the room and Slash picked up the Slasher. He waited for an hour or two, until three figures entered the room. One, a man-sized frog, the red haired boy, and the golden haired girl.

"This is it..." Slash sighed.

Magus chanted. The black wind began to howl.

Flea waited in his chamber until the three entered his room. "Here they come...let's see if he's as tough as Ozzie says..."

Magus chanted and raised his hands.

The three entered Ozzie's chamber. Ozzie looked at them and prepared to raise his barrier.

Magus laughed as light began to come towards him.

The three approached Magus. Ozzie had followed after his defeat. He watched as the three easily defeated Magus. A portal appeared and the three figures, along with Magus, were drawn in. Ozzie watched in awe. His master had disappeared, and he was once again a Lord.

Slash lay dying once again, but again, he was saved by Flea's magic.

"Damn, it still hurts." Slash said, as he saw Flea enter.

"I know." Flea said.

"This place is a mess." Ozzie said, entering. "It's no longer liveable."

"Where's Magus?" Flea asked.

" dead." Ozzie said.

And I wish I were, too...
It's been a long time...
But I'm still alive...
I'm sure no human anymore...
Why won't Flea just let me die...?
Because we're brothers...
We're not really brothers...
Just friends...
But I'm sure he wouldn't mind...
If he died, too...
I know my name is not Slash...
I am Darston...
I am still alive...
But on the inside...

I may as well be dead.

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