In Memory of Garth Louis Manheim

11/15/84 - 7/11/01

Garth Manheim

This page is black in the memory of Garth Manheim, known on this site as "The Man." Garth died by his own hand on July 11th, while on vacation in Italy. I received word of Garth's death in a response to an email I had sent regarding Cold Fusion. That email from Garth's father, Jonathan Manheim, can be read here.

This news came as a shock to me, just as it would to anyone. In all of my correspondence with Garth, he had always come off as a very kind hearted and good natured person, which he was. Garth was one of the few authors who would actually thank me whenever I posted a new chapter of one of his stories. He was a talented author in whom I saw great potential. I had watched his progression from his earlier stories through his latest chapters of "The Story of Tata" and noted how he was constantly becoming a better writer.

I never knew just how much my site meant to Garth until I received that email from his father. I was glad to hear that I had made a positive impact on his life. Garth will be missed.

For more information about Garth, and how to contact his family to send your condolences, please visit I thought I would leave a quote here from "The Story of Tata." The quote comes from chapter twenty-three, which was the last chapter I received from Garth, and it seemed like a beautiful quote to end this with. God bless.

~ Icy Brian

“When a person dies and is given the choice to reincarnate or to go to the afterlife, many will choose to reincarnate.  It is only when they have achieved a level of…enlightenment, I guess we should say, do they enter their afterlife.  It is when they know what is right and how to love and to live without love, and to cherish life…”

     Tata realized that he was speaking aloud and let the words die.  Edgar McCree had undergone that change in one lifetime.  Was Beowulf ready for the afterlife?  Was Janus?  Was Minka?  The people who had died in this lifetime fighting Grendel?  Who thought life was worth living, and who sought death as their savior?  Tata looked at the distant town of Porre, his hometown, and thought of the people of that dried up, broken town.  How could anyone live in that kind of misery?  How did they find the courage each day to rise and walk again? 

     “Life,” Tata said to himself, coincidentally as a merchant was passing by, riding tall on his cart.  “Hope, always goes on.”

     The merchant heard the small passage and turned to Tata.  Their eyes met, Tata’s suddenly strong and hopeful, his old and happy, and the old merchant nodded.  Tata smiled, turned, and broke into a run.  His cry of joy echoed over the land; carried by the wind it reached the farthest corners of the earth and rattled it with the force of a hurricane.

The Man (art by Kenko Ami)

Hey, peoples! It's me again! I'm celebrating a full year of discovering this most excellent page. As you all can see, this is a drawing, created by my favorite artist, Kemko Emi, of Glenn as human (duh!). I do hope everyone who has seen my work has enjoyed it thus far and will in the future, but I have recieved one or two angry, immature letters about such, so my rules still stand.

1. My writing and work in all forms on this page are my own. Do not send a lot of hate-mail because it doesn't suit you (unless you are a reviewer). If you don't like it, don't look at it.

2. My first (short) story, Time Warps, is basically connected to my work-in-progress, The Story Of Tata. With that in mind, you just might want to quickly read the first one to get an idea for the base time period of Tata's story. The Story of Tata takes place before, during, and after it occurred, so just reading the first one can help.

3. Like I said earlier, my work is my own, and that means they are my ideas. Therefore, I write what I want within standard limits. But some of it involves content that might not be suitable for younger people. My age range would be about 12 and up, but feel free to read anyway. Just don't be shocked by some of the moments in the stories (The Story of Tata especially).

4. If you have any comments or ideas, you may send them. Just NO HATE-MAIL!

5. If you want to create a story off of one of my ideas, just check in with me first for permission. I'm not sure if Icy Brian already stated this, but I simply want to play it safe.

Well, those are my warnings and regulations. One last thing is that in case you may have already read the first two chapters of The Story of Tata, there is a mention of a people called the "Guardias." Well, that was a huge mistake on my part. "They are actually the Iokans, and I actually redid that. Anyway that cinches it. I really hope you enjoy my stories. I got more on the way. Anyway, enough about that. On to the stories!

Time Warps: The Appearances- Magus has lost it all. His sister, his home, etc. And years of searching has proven that Shala is gone. Now he doesn't care if he lives or dies. But now recent sightings have suggested that meteors are headed towards Earth. Magus holds the power to destroy them. But he doesn't want to. But he's willing to look to see how big they are. However, Fate has one last surprise up it's sleeve for Magus. The gates have reopened and people are falling through, including a thought-to-be-dead enemy. Yet this enemy also has a suprise in store for Magus. And suddenly, Magus changes his mind. He will do anything in his power to stop the meteors.
Chapter 1 - August 13th, 1998
Chapter 2 - August 13th, 1998
Chapter 3 - August 13th, 1998
Chapter 4 - August 13th, 1998
Chapter 5 - August 13th, 1998
Epilogue - August 13th, 1998

The Story of Tata- Tata is the hero-to-be. At a very early age, he finds that he has the makings of a true hero. He is also has one parent, a foster father. And his friends are none other than Cyrus and his squire, Glenn. But Tata is still desturbed. His past is too dark, to mysterious. Who's his real father? And why does he possess above-average strength even though he never works out? Perhaps a certain shadowy figure can answer his questions. And maybe, just maybe, Tata will finally be explained.
Prologue - September 23rd, 1998
Chapter 1: We're Under Attack! - September 23rd, 1998
Chapter 2: Journey With a Hero - September 23rd, 1998
Chapter 3: All Sorts of Weirdos in Porre - December 18th, 1998
Chapter 4: Too Much Death, So Close - December 18th, 1998
Chapter 5: A Time for Death and Friendship - December 18th, 1998
Chapter 6: Mourning of Thy Lovely Lass - January 9th, 1999
Chapter 7: Forgetting the Past - January 9th, 1999
Chapter 8: Blood Relations - January 23rd, 1999
Chapter 9: Little Lost Boy - March 6th, 1999
Chapter 10: Good Bye Again - March 6th, 1999
Chapter 11: Destined to Fight - March 6th, 1999
Chapter 12: Live and Let Die - March 28th, 1999
Chapter 13: Who He Really Is - April 25th, 1999
Chapter 14: Nothing But Death... - July 15th, 1999
Chapter 15: What If... - September 14th, 1999
Chapter 16: Death of an Old Friend - November 1st, 1999
Chapter 17: An Explanation - April 3rd, 2000
Chapter 18: A Brief Interlude From Battle - August 10th, 2000
Chapter 19: Visions of Life and Death - August 10th, 2000
Chapter 20: Too Much - August 10th, 2000
Chapter 21: The Bloodstained Grounds of North Cape - December 13th, 2000
Chapter 22: Revelations - December 13th, 2000
Chapter 23: An Old Man's Advice - May 23rd, 2001

Death and Its Realms- Marle is the royal princess of Guardia, heir to the throne, and one of the members who helped destroy Lavos. But recently, a foreign power has come to take over the throne and dispatch the Guardia Line. And to back him, he has an undead army of rotting zombies, massive creatures, and omnipotent powers. The remaining members of Crono's gang are attacked and Crono is killed by the evil man himself, Kane. Magus' later reveals he knows how to find the wandering spirit of Crono by traveling into the nine parallel realms of Earth. Marle has before her, the greatest journey she will ever face. Is it really possible to find a dead spirit?
Prologue - December 18th, 1998

A Knight's Tale- I saw this story in a comic book and thought I could modify it to fit the Chrono Trigger setting. Anyway, the story. Remember that guy with the blonde hair that is always lying in the knight's quarters injured? His name in this story is Matthew Ghayns, and now after the war his eighteen year old son wants to join the Knights of the Square Table. His father is wary of this, remembering his time in the war, so he tells his son to write to Glenn for his opinion. Glenn, or Frog, as he is known just after returning home from beating Lavos, has quite a tale to tell...
A Knight's Tale - August 2nd, 1999, revised September 14th, 1999

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