Welcome! My name is Taran. I am presently attending the University of Southern California. In between classes and everything else in life, I somehow find time to write fiction! Fanfiction at that! And for whatever reason, you have found time to read it (or so I’m hoping.)

Looking back over the years I can't help but laugh at some of what I've written. I'm pleased to say that I've come a long way both as a writer and as a person. I'd encourage anyone reading this to check out my latest works “Forge” and “Confessions.” They’re short, so it shouldn’t be too big of a hassle. Also, feel free to e-mail me about anything at taran@icybrian.com

Finally I'd like to thank everyone who's talked to me about my writing and the motivation I receive from that. I'd like to thank all the great authors on this page and the inspiration they give me. I'd like to thank the Legion of Fantasy for their constant support, and I'd like to give a big thanks to the Ice Man himself for giving us all a place to express ourselves and our interests.


Chrono Trigger Fanfiction
ReviewableSearch For Schala
- In the Ocean Palace of Zeal, Lavos was summoned and sent young Janus into the future and killed his sister Schala. Janus was raised by Ozzie and grew up holding his bitter hate towards Lavos inside and became Magus. Now, Lavos is dead, but Magus still does not feel complete again. He sets out on a journey to find his sister and ends up finding many things about himself in the process.
Part 1: The Prophet's Plan
Part 2: The Mystic And The Dino
Part 3: A Name For The Mystics
Part 4: Long Live The Queen
Part 5: Destruction By Lavos
Part 6: The Entity At Rest
Part 7: A New Omen
Part 8: Death Peak

Escaping Fate- A rip in time allows someone or something to destroy Lavos before it even crashes down to Guardia. The planet had escaped it's fate that Lavos had planned for it, but was this for better or for worse? In this new reality, the Overlord from another planet has taken over the future and has destroyed all life of any form. Now, Gaspar, Spekkio, and Gile (a mystyerious being who showed up with the change in reality) must help gather up the old gang, who remember nothing about their previous adventures, and a few new allies. Together they must stop this rip in time and change things back to the way they used to be.
Intro - March 21st, 1998
Prologue - July 3rd, 1998
Chapter 1 - April 21st, 1999
Chapter 2 - April 21st, 1999
Chapter 3 - April 21st, 1999
Chapter 4 - April 21st, 1999
Chapter 5 - April 21st, 1999

ReviewableForge- Thanks to Crono, in 1999 Citra was spared. Other planets, however, were not so fortunate. Take a breif look at an inter-stellar war that was the forge for three of Chrono Trigger’s beloved characters.
Forge - June 6th, 2002

True Knight - January 23rd, 1999
Following Destiny - April 30th, 1999
Emotional State - April 30th, 1999
No Father's Son - April 30th, 1999

Final Fantasy VII Fanfiction
ReviewableThe Origin of the Turks
- Tseng, Elena, Rude, and of course, Reno. The CIA, FBI, and MIB of Shinra, rolled into one. This story takes a look at how the Turks came into being, the early stages of the Sephiroth cloning, and other under-the-table dealings of Shinra Inc. (Note: This one doesn’t exactly stay true to the game in all cases.)
Prologue - January 9th, 1998
Part 1 - January 9th, 1998
Part 2 - January 9th, 1998
Part 3 - January 9th, 1998
Epilogue - January 9th, 1998

ReviewableLegacy of the Hero- Throughout history the world has been threatened, and heros have emarged to save it. Here, two heros cross paths to continue the legacy. (Note: This involves some crazy time distortion. You have been warned.)
Legacy of the Hero - December 16th, 1998

ReviewableWages of Sin- Can years of self condemnation and a blow of vengeance atone for the sins of Vincent’s past? Or is there another journey Valentine must take; this time not into the depths of the Planet, but into the abyss of his own soul.
Wages of Sin - August 10th, 1999

I Have Sinned - December 16th, 1998
Anything - April 30th, 1999
Shinra Eternal - August 2nd, 1999

Final Fantasy Tactics Fanfiction
ReviewableConfessions- Delita is one of the most complex characters in FFT. What happens after this Macheivellian soul takes the throne?
Confessions - February 1st, 2002

Xenogears Fanfiction
Time of the Gospel- For two hundred years mankind has been crawling back from the destruction Deus left in its wake. Technology has been reinvented, chemicals revive latent Ether abilities, people have returned to their homes rebuilding civilizations, but nothing reaches at their past glory. A dark force, dormant during these centuries of renaissance, appears to a corrupt syndicate and once again raises the fallen Gears. In a time of darkness they intend to conquer the world, and have no plans of stopping there. Out of these shadows emerges a great ‘hero’ fated to help free survivors of his opressed nation, destined to someday fight the darkness. His life was predicted by Emperor Cain and the Gazelle Ministry near seven hundred years ago, but who he is, or the outcome of his battle, has yet to be prophesized. This is the ‘Time of the Gospel.’
Chapter 1 - September 22nd, 1999, revised June 27th, 2000
Chapter 2 - November 8th, 1999, revised June 27th, 2000
Chapter 3 - June 27th, 2000
Chapter 4 - May 23rd, 2001
Chapter 5 - September 30th, 2001
Chapter 6 - September 30th, 2001
Chapter 7 - September 30th, 2001
Chapter 8 - September 30th, 2001
Chapter 9 - September 30th, 2001
Chapter 10 - September 30th, 2001
Note of Hiatus - September 27th, 2002

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