Tina Branford

My name is Tina, I am 15, and writing is a hobby of mine! I have written multiple fan fics on rpg's, but have never been inspired to finish a single one, except the War of the Mystics. It may be inspiration from the incredible story line of Chrono Trigger, or inspiration from my friends who gave me a review on my idea, or even the strange chemistry of the weather, but I've decided to try to finish this epic even throughout school work, soccer, shopping, and hanging out with my buddies. =o) I hope you enjoy my fan fic, and I will try my best to write more soon. And since I'm such an amateur at writing, if you would send me criticism and advice through my e-mail address, I would be honored.

Keep in mind that I haven't played Chrono Trigger in a long while, and that I may muddle some facts about the game. If you would take the time to tell me about these mistakes, I would be thankful. Any tips on writing are also welcome!

Chrono Trigger Fanfiction
War of the Mystics
Prelude - December 23rd, 2001
Chapter 1: Stirring Up Trouble - December 23rd, 2001
Chapter 2: A Disturbance in Time - February 1st, 2002

Chrono Trigger Fanfic