I'm a pretty ordinary fellow: six foot three, 215 pounds; hair is crimson with a breath of the blond that streaks the sky when the sunset dies. My waking hours are spent mixing and mingling with folks from both ends of the ladder — we're talking a straight drive from the trashiest counter managers at the Comfort Inn to the brightest stars in the skies of the silver screen (Julia Roberts, Harrison Ford, etc.). When I'm not surfing across a wide expanse of plasma televisions in my Bel Aire penthouse or beating the ladies off with a padded stick (tailored, I might add, to that exact purpose), I'm out making billions in a sprawling network of apple orchards or regaling my colleagues with my vast knowledge of the works of Shakespeare, Frost, and ZZ Topp.

Coming from a normal person, the above description would be considered rude, perhaps offensive in its inaccuracy. For a soothseeker, it's downright self-damnation.

Well, the real story. It should suffice so say that I love Chrono Trigger. It's a wonderful game, still untouched by the splash-boom-bang of special effects that try to take the place of a good storyline in modern games. I have high hopes for the future in finding a niche in a bookstore somewhere, hopefully with something original between the covers. Until then, however, I'm content with spinning tributes to wonderful works, and giving out credit where credit is due.

Chrono Trigger Fanfiction
Web of Illusion- It has been several months since the defeat of Lavos. As the heroes of time recover from their grueling adventure, a mysterious messenger named Doppler brings news of trouble brewing in the past. Though the hearts of men are strong, the waters of the ages rush ever onward, and time is loath to let go of its tools...
Prologue - July 17th, 2003
Chapter 1 - July 17th, 2003

Chrono Trigger Fanfic