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I am a male of an age somewhere between one and infinity. I like to remain mysterious, so no information is going on about my height and weight. Chrono Trigger still remains to be my favorite SquareSoft game, probably until my friend introduces me to Final Fantasy 7 (within the next month). My close connections on this fanfic page include: Don Eskridge, Krazy Sam, Saul, Marle, Nanaki, Thanquol, and certainly not least but most important, ICY BRIAN! I am starting a new page of my own, only for fanfic. I resolved to that because I only know a lot about Chrono Trigger. In the page is a chance for you to create your own RPG in full (walkthrough, fanfic on the walkthrough, and the optionals, which are anything else.) Visit it here.

Chrono Trigger Fanfiction
A New Threat
Character Statistics: Amox
Character Statistics: Calsa
Character Statistics: Schala
Character Statistics: Zeal
Part 1
Part 2: The Battle Of Trust (1)
Part 3: The Battle Of Trust (2)
Part 4: The Battle Of Trust (3)
Part 5: The Last Of The Reptites
Part 6: The Pendant Of Schala
Part 7: Precious Memories
Part 8: The Five Stones (1)
Part 9: The Five Stones (2)
Part 10: The Five Stones (3)
Part 11: The Five Stones (4)
Part 12: The Forging
Part 13: The Final Battle (1)
Part 14: The Final Battle (2)
Part 15: The Final Battle (3)

Fan Art From A New Threat
1998 16-Bit Amox (16.3 KB)
16-Bit Calsa (16.8 KB)

The New Generation
Part 1: The New Generation
Part 2: The False Charge
Part 3: The Unknown Time
Part 4: Bloodlines
Part 5: The Search For Epoch
Part 6: The Threat Of Magmos
Part 7: Bloodlines II
Part 8: Saving The Past
Part 9: Out Of Death
Part 10: Extinction (1) - January 6th, 1998
Part 11: Extinction (2) - January 19th, 1998
Part 12: The Amulet (1) - March 12th, 1998
Part 13: The Amulet (2) - March 22nd, 1998
Part 14: The Amulet (3) - May 4th, 1998

Fan Art From The New Generation
1998 Aza (8.57 KB)
Kaira (8.86 KB)

Kairos Trigger
Intro and Notes - August 26th, 1998
Prologue - August 26th, 1998
Chapter 1: Lab 32 - September 15th, 1998
Chapter 2: In Search of Xeno - September 24th, 1998
Chapter 3: Ancient Fears - December 16th, 1998

Chrono Trigger Fanfic