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Krazy Sam

Ah... you people are strange for wanting to read my fics, but I won't stop you. wanna know something neat? No? Well, tough cookies. I'm going to give a FGA (Frequently Given Answers) for you people, since you people like to ask questions. Here we go. All my usual answers.

Female. Eighteen. College. Chrono Trigger, Xenogears, and Final Fantasy Tactics. The Next Generation is dead. I won't write any more of that. Yes, I'm still writing. Yes, I've been writing between the last chapter of NG and now. No, they're not on Icy's site. No, they're under a different name. No, you can't have the screen name. No, the fics are NOT RPG related. Yes, you ARE too young to read them. No, I can't critique your fic. I have no critiquing skills. No, I can't draw people from your fic. Schoolwork, ROTC, writing, webcomic. No, I don't want to be your girlfriend. Yes, I'm working on a new fic. No, you can't see it yet. Wait just like everyone else.

I hope this helps! ^_^ Peace out, yo. ^_^

Visit my art site, It's a waste of space. ^_^ Nothing like self-endorsement.

Chrono Trigger Fanfiction
ReviewedFinally Married- Ahh, Sam from 1997, how much I want to smack you across the face for being naive and showing it in your early, early writings.

This is what you get when you take a fourteen-year-old who's never had a boyfriend or been to a wedding, and have her write a wedding story. It's not pretty. And no, Vincent isn't the same one from FF7, although in the sequel to this, he ended up turning into him.

Icy wants to keep it up for nostalgia, so I'll let him, as long as I get to defend myself like this. So. Enjoy, laugh, I don't care. ^^;
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7

ReviewableAlmost Dead
Part 1: Out Of Action
Part 2: To Darkness And Back

ReviewableChanging The Past
Changing The Past

ReviewedLosing You
Losing You

ReviewableBroken- Lavos was defeated, but now Crono and his friends face a very different type of battle. Marle leaves Crono, and starts acting very differently from the Marle we know. Crono completely loses it and goes on a outrage. Then, it turns out Lucca has always had feelings for Crono, or so thinks "Princess Nadia". Was that the true reason? Will things be like they were before? Find out inside.
Part 1 by Saul - January 17th, 1998
Part 2 by Krazy Sam - January 26th, 1998
Part 3 by Saul & Krazy Sam - February 20th, 1998
Part 4 by Saul & Krazy Sam - February 20th, 1998

ReviewableThe Next Generation- This is what happens when the fourteen-year-old without a boyfriend develops some hormones. And despite the lack of interest in the story, plods on out of habit. This went on way longer than it should have, and I apologize to Magus lovers everywhere for taking out my frustrations on him. Oh, and Crono and Marle. This is the worst Mary Sue I've ever written. The ONLY Mary Sue I've ever written. And I should be burned in hell for it, but hey, I didn't know any better.
Part 1: Descendants and Pendants
Part 2: Blue Fire
Part 3: The Makshini
Part 4: School of the Future
Part 5: Prophetic Dreams
Part 6: Loving And Losing
Part 7: Resurrection - January 6th, 1998
Part 8: Through The Pillar - January 6th, 1998
Part 9: Manipulation - February 15th, 1998
Part 10: Secret In The Jungle - March 11th, 1998
Part 11: Adolescent Sickness - March 11th, 1998
Part 12: Three Minds, One Life - May 6th, 1998
Part 13: Limitations - May 12th, 1998
Part 14: Santin's Challenge - August 9th, 1998
Part 15: The Truth of Existance - August 9th, 1998
Part 16: Death of a Hero - August 19th, 1998
Part 17: Troubling Pasts - September 15th, 1998
Part 18: Forgotten Foes - November 29th, 1998
Part 19: Lost Memories - November 29th, 1998
Part 20: The Flames of Revenge - November 29th, 1998
Part 21: A Debt Repaid - April 3rd, 2000

Final Fantasy Tactics Fanfiction
ReviewableLeft Behind
Left Behind - March 9th, 2002

Chrono Trigger Fanfic
Final Fantasy Tactics Fanfic