Hey, name's Mike. I'm fifteen and I love basketball. I like rap. And I play some video games, including Chrono Trigger. Liked it, so I wrote a story to it. Sit down and read it if you want to. If you don't then why are you reading this? Send me your opinions so I'll know if I want to keep writing. Tell me if I suck, cause I care. If you think otherwise go ahead send me that too, cause I care about that too.

ReviewableThe End of Time- Lavos has been defeated. The world has been saved. In all periods of time humans prosper. Recently the team from 1000 AD (Crono, Lucca, Marle) have recently visited the rest of the team in other periods of time. That includes Gaspar in the End of Time. Something hasn’t occurred to them or the rest of the world yet. Lavos never destroyed the world. Why is there an End of Time? What other event occurred to end all Time? And how will our heroes stop it?
Chapter 1: Flight by Night - July 26th, 1999
Chapter 2: Nadia's Shadow - July 26th, 1999
Chapter 3: A Revelation - July 26th, 1999
Chapter 4: Planning the Dirty Deed - July 26th, 1999
Chapter 5: The Dirty Deed - July 26th, 1999
Chapter 6: A Life Passed By - July 26th, 1999
Chapter 7: Gasper's Revelation - July 26th, 1999
Chapter 8: Escape From the Prison of Home - July 26th, 1999
Chapter 9: Mountain of Danger - July 26th, 1999
Chapter 10: Greendream - July 26th, 1999
Chapter 11: Escape - July 26th, 1999
Chapter 12: Final Battle - July 26th, 1999
Chapter 13: Indecision - July 26th, 1999
Chapter 14: Vendetta - July 26th, 1999
Chapter 15: Love Lost, Lust Gained - July 26th, 1999

The Continuation- This is basically the result of the lost love between Crono and Lucca a millenium ago. The year is 1400. Life is basically the same, the early firearm design created by Lucca has propelled her to become a recognized Leonardo Davinci. Blades are still in common use, as Crono proved that the blade can indeed be as effective as any modern day weapon. Magic is still lackluster, but a few more examples exist. This is the story of Laura Lee Guardia, the descendent of Crono and Marle. This girl will face unspeakable nightmares to save the world everybody loves so much. But the only way to do so is to uncover the legacy which is her birth. She goes through many adventures, but soon learns that many of them stem from years of planning and manipulation. Will she uncover the truth in time to save the world?
Introduction - January 1st, 2000
Chapter 1: A Blooming Flower - January 1st, 2000
Chapter 2: Atlantic Blue - January 1st, 2000
Chapter 3: Amigo - April 3rd, 2000

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