Glenn's Anguish Epilogue

By Hyper Angel

The years passed by at an spitefully slow rate for Glenn after that, day in and day out he was reminded of the incident with Magus, and of Cyrus’ death. From the looks on that people’s faces as he passed by, or the jeering remarks of the soldiers that had once been his friends and companions. He never told them who he was, and since that night with Leene, no one else ever knew him as ‘Glenn’. He didn’t care anymore.

They all called him as they saw him, an ugly frog, a grotesque man-toad. They never saw him as Glenn, and he was glad they didn’t. It was better they know Glenn as the foolish boy who stumbled of to his death along with Cyrus. Not Glenn the foolish boy who let Cyrus die, and came back as the pathetic being he really was. No, never that Glenn. He sometime liked being just a frog, a mysterious creature that showed up in the royal court one day, and somehow was in favor of the queen herself despite his appearance. Sir Froggy they called him at times, still he didn’t care.

Leene herself was very apologetic to him throughout all this time. Which Glenn later thought to be because she felt responsible for letting him go along with Cyrus, and ending up like he did. Or maybe, deep down, she felt sorry because she hadn’t sent someone better along. He vowed he would fix that, if only for Cyrus, and the fast fading legend of his tragic story.

Poor Cyrus! His memory was far from honored in the eyes of the people. Though perhaps one couldn’t blame them, in a sense.

Cyrus was the best, the most respected of all the Knights. By his fall, it seemed as if nothing could stop the Mystics. If the best had fallen, then what hope was there? Thus, in some crude attempt to build themselves up, he was measured a coward by the people instead, and they took comfort in the fact that only one such as that could fall before Magus. Not the great hero he really was. Even scribbled across his tombstone was a mocking eulogy, claiming him the fool had dared challenge Magus. What difference was it to them? They were still alive, and they sought to do what they pleased with the legacies of the dead.

All throughout his pathetic life Glenn hated the fact Cyrus was taken for the weakling. The weakling he himself had been. Hated even more that it was he who should be loathed so much, never Cyrus!

Glenn had truly failed on far too many levels, and he never once let himself forget it, even in his struggle to achieve the dreams he knew he could never revive in such a wretched form as his. The guards all laughed at him, calling him Sir Frog every time he passed. The villagers feared him, averting their eyes as he entered any tavern or inn to rest. And what could he do about it? Nothing. He hated himself even more for that.

Still, Glenn choose to stare down the cruel fate given to him, and conquer it as best he could. He immersed himself in whatever great legend he could. Tales of triumph, glory, and on occasions, defeat, all strengthened him further. He spent hours in the library of the castle, reading the volumes of books all read in the old tongues. To which, over time, he himself began to speak in. Truly, if his appearance was not noble enough, his words could be!

So for everything he had lacked in, he gradually overcame, or made up for it ten fold in some other way. The years passed slowly, and never once had Glenn let his grievances hold him back. Before he even realized, ten whole years had passed, leaving him on the verge of a new century; 600 a.d.

He promised himself, no matter what the odds, that he would find a way to avenge Cyrus. He would force the people to see the greatness of his man, and hopefully even Glenn’s. He would do whatever was in his power, in the battle skills he now possessed, to bring Magus down for what he had done. No matter what!

Oddly enough, fate had decided to take him up on his plans. And only months after the new years festival, the celebration of the new century 600, the Mystics choose to make their next move in the then silent war. On a night much like the one Glenn had come home to those ten years ago, the mountains to the Southeast were suddenly split clear open.

From that gateway, a whole army emerged, one composed of the very workings of all nightmares. Undead skeletons, ghastly ogre-like creatures, and all that fell between these categories emerged. At the head of all this came the one the people would soon know as Ozzie, top general to Magus himself.

This sudden coming would mark the beginning of a new war between the Humans and Mystics, and Glenn could never begin to imagine what this meant for him.

Just as he could never begin to image what would come of the night Queen Leene turned up missing. Then to be found, stranger still, looking much younger and oddly dressed, in the mountainous forests just east of the village.

For of course, these strange events, as hard as it was to believe, would lead to the greatest adventure of his entire lifetime. And never in his life was he more ready for it.


- The End


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