Glenn's Anguish Part XI

Not Without A Whimper

By Hyper Angel

A low wind had begun to howl. Magus fell back no sooner had Cyrus burned away. So he had been hurt after all, Glenn realized. Magus' gauntlet was neatly slashed at the wrist, a strange dark blood trickled evenly from it. Glenn almost felt like laughing at the sight of it. So the 'Great and Powerful Magus' wasn't so invincible after all. He grinned with satisfaction at the thought.

"Wipe that smirk off yer face, brat." Ozzie hissed upon noticing Glenn's expression. Instantly the squire forced a solemn look, not wishing to stir up any further conflict. Though he knew that as long as the two Mystics hovered over him, he didn't hold much of a chance of anything turning for the better.

Ozzie hovered about the rocky ledge as Magus nursed the small gash on his hand. "I-It's not that bad is it?" The lizard asked in a low whisper.

"Of course it isn't." Magus snapped, his voice had still had the same tinge of annoyance he always seem to hold towards the general. "Do you think a soldier beaten that badly could possibly inflict anything serious? Why do you think we waited until after the Masamune's test?!"

Glenn burned with hatred at the words. So that was it. They had waited until Cyrus was weakened to choose to reveal themselves, that way everything would be in their favor. Though he dare not open his mouth to let his feelings of contempt known, instead Glenn only gave a soft and indignant snort.

"Nothing a healing spell can't fix anyway…Though I guess that's Flea's department." Ozzie continued on, totally ignoring Glenn. Magus simply nodded impatiently in return. Though much to Glenn's despair, it was Magus who turned his attention to the squire. "But first…." He sighed, almost reluctantly. "We have more pressing matters to attend to."

"Oh please." Ozzie laughed, giving carefree a flick of his hand. "Let's just kill the kid and be done with it. We've gotten Cyrus out the way right, why not go for two?"

Glenn winced, taking a few quick looks around to survey any possible means of escape while the two argued. There were none open. He was literally stuck out on a ledge. Cyrus was already dead, with Glenn himself soon to follow. Even if he tried to run, he'd probably get incinerated before he could take a step forward.

Oddly enough, Magus was left silent for a moment, not giving any attempt to debate of Glenn's fate. A thin smile slowly appeared across his deathly pale face. His crimson eyes flashed with a amused glimmer. He turned to Ozzie, daintily lighting to the ground from his position almost ten feet above the rocky outcropping.

For the first time, he shot a broad smile to his reptilian companion. He rested his still blood-stained scythe over his shoulder and made a slight gesture with his free hand.

"That won't be necessary, Ozzie." The mage said in a cool tone. "I've got a much better idea…" The two mystics both looked to Glenn like famished predators over their prey. The squire felt his very blood run cold from the looks across their grim faces. He back away slightly, his left foot almost slipping completely off the ledge. He was trapped. The mystics loomed over him like specters of death. And for a moment he wondered, is this really the end?


To Be Continued….


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