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Final Fantasy VII Fanfiction
Jenova Project- The true story behind Hojo’s Jenova Project.
Part 1: Failed Experiment
Chapter 1: Nibelheim - April 23rd, 1998
Chapter 2: Playing God - April 23rd, 1998
Chapter 3: Midgar
Chapter 3, Part 1: Players Of The Game - July 18th, 1998

ReviewableCloud Cover- Breathed to life by Hojo’s mad successor, a clone is willing to destroy all the people of the world to reach her Promised Land and use her only love to do so. Contains major spoilers.
Part 1: Out Of The Rain And Into Madness - March 29th, 1998
Part 2: The Destroyer - May 5th, 1998
Part 3: The Giver Of Life - July 18th, 1998

Final Fantasy 7 Fanfic