Max Zhang

"You do not need to know who I am -- if at any time you need to speak to me, you may refer to me as Mr. Joshua."
    -- Gary Busey as "Mr. Joshua" - Lethal Weapon

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Final Fantasy VII Fanfiction
ReviewableContent Warning!!Deus ex Jenova (Final Fantasy VII) - An intensive five part story set just immediately after the end of Disc Three. This epic work is not for the weak-hearted, wussies, prissies, or anyone of that ilk.

WARNING: Potential character death; read at your own volition. There is also sexual content as well as blatant swearing/cursing, et al. Definitely NOT for minors.

Deus ex Jenova (via the Storeroom) - Updated "Smarch 13th," 2000. This sucker is now y2k compliant.

Final Fantasy 7 Fanfic