You can call me Seventh. I'm addicted to RPGs in general, and have a private shrine in my heart for anything Final Fantasy. I'm a college student - oh, and a girl (wow! a girl playing video games!) English is one of my majors at school (the other one will shock and amaze you), and I love writing; I also am obsessed with anime art, any sort of music, coffee, and sleep. I for some nerdy reason love fanfics and fanart. I would appreciate feedback.

Feel free to contact me ( about anything regarding my work - but be sure to give it a nice Subject, else i'm prone to delete it. My website *broken prism* contains some of my other, older writing along with all my art. Check it out!

Final Fantasy IV Fanfiction

Out of the Mist

Part I: Childhood Left Behind
Chapter 1: The Little Girl and the Monsters - July 17th, 2003

Final Fantasy VII Fanfiction
The Aurora Project
- I've recently been replaying FFVII. I find myself more and more drawn to the game - especially the story and the characters. I decided I wanted to write a fanfic to see what I could make happen to the crew. This is what came out. It takes place a little bit after the ending of the game, and involves the futures of everyone in the game at some point. I tend to write epics, so let's hope it's not too long.
Intro - June 6th, 2002
Part I: Back to the Beginning
Chapter 1: Wounded City - June 6th, 2002
Chapter 2: Buried Secrets - July 4th, 2002
Chapter 3: New and Old Companions - July 4th, 2002
Part II: Dreams and Shadows
Chapter 4: Pursuit - September 27th, 2002
Chapter 5: Discovery - September 27th, 2002
Chapter 6: Dead End - September 27th, 2002

Final Fantasy 4 Fanfic
Final Fantasy 7 Fanfic