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Final Fantasy VII Fanfiction
Black Soul of Green Eyes- Mako, the lifeblood of the Planet. Its liquid form was what nourished and sustained it. Mako was the reason for that Planet's life, and thus, for all other life on the Planet. However, it was a mysterious energy form. The other life the living Planet spawned over many eons was alien to the Planet, and Mako brought death to them instead of life. For years the animal known as human feared Mako, and stayed well away from it. But there were certain humans among the species that longed to understand the nature of Mako, and would eventually harness it and use it to the advantage of their race. Unfortunate for the entire Planet that this thirst for knowledge became twisted and blown out of proportion, and ultimately spelled the Planet's demise in the shadow of Meteor. No one saw that catastrophe coming when they gazed up at the viridian haze blocking the stars from that first Mako Reactor. Nor did they see it coming beforehand.
Black Soul of Green Eyes - February 27th, 2003

Final Fantasy 7 Fanfic