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Final Fantasy IV Fanfiction
ReviewedRydia: Daughter of Mist
- Rydia and Edge fought and lived side by side. Now their life has changed, but in what way?
Rydia: Daughter of Mist - December 13th, 2000

ReviewableThe Story- Kain's quest for inner peace takes him to Mt. Ordeals. Will the oracle be able to guide him to the peace he needs? Or must she first tear down the wall keeping him on the outside.
Chapter 1: A Definition of Silence - July 17th, 2003
Chapter 2: Wall Builders - July 17th, 2003
Chapter 3: Seeking a Future Name - July 17th, 2003
Chapter 4: Another Future Name - July 17th, 2003
Chapter 5: Defining a Destiny - July 17th, 2003
Chapter 6: Arrivals - July 17th, 2003
Chapter 7: Sought and Spoken - July 17th, 2003

Final Fantasy VI Fanfiction
ReviewableTerra- Terra Branford is one of my favorite characters in Final Fantasy III/VI, but what do you expect? She is the main character, after all. If the others hadn’t met her, how would they have gotten into so much danger and adventure? Anyway, I was really looking forward to a developing relationship between her and one of the characters. (Call me a romantic) When Locke came on the scene I thought, 'Hey, this looks promising,' and then I was let down in a big way when Celes caught his eye and his heart.

Don’t get me wrong!

I’m happy for both of them because they deserve each other, but what about Terra? What about this sweet, shy young woman who helped these people out of dangerous situations at the risk of her own life? Goodness! She even sacrificed who she was (an Esper creature and thereby a 'magic' creature) by helping them destroy 'magic'. I’d say she deserves something more than what she was given. True, the love of children is a blessing because I have had many an experience with it myself, but come on! Why can’t she have a ‘someone special’ to let her know that just because she’s lost a major part of herself, doesn’t mean she’s less of a woman or friend.

So here it is. It’s my first fanfic, and I hope it isn’t my last. I’ve had fun writing it and learned a lot about what my perceptions of each character actually were. If you have any ideas on another story you’d like written, give me a ‘buzz’ as well. I’ve been dreaming up other ideas for stories based on game characters and would love to hear from you. For instance, what ever happened between Edge and Rydia in Final Fantasy II/IV? And did Janus/Magus ever find Schala? (Magus is such a tortured soul. I would love to write a romance for him.) And did Robby/Robo actually exist in the future after Lavos was destroyed?

If you have any comments or irritations, don’t hesitate to let me know what they are. After all, criticism strengthens character.
Terra - March 6th, 1999, revised February 1st, 2002

ReviewableTerra: Part II - Shadows of the Past- Shadow is one of the most tortured souls in Final Fantasy VI. Much to my amazement, the game didn’t really solve the mystery behind Shadow and his past. The gamer was left to wonder about the connection between Relm and Shadow hinted at by the ‘Memento Ring’ (which was only able to be worn by them) and by the few dreams witnessed when the party slept at an in and Shadow was a member. This mystery fascinated me and I decided to put my two cents into the many fanfics that I’m sure have been written regarding it.
Chapter 1 - June 27th, 2000
Chapter 2 - June 27th, 2000
Chapter 3 - June 27th, 2000
Chapter 4 - December 13th, 2000
Chapter 5 - December 13th, 2000
Chapter 6 - December 13th, 2000
Chapter 7 - December 13th, 2000
Chapter 8 - December 13th, 2000
Chapter 9 - December 13th, 2000
Epilogue - December 13th, 2000

ReviewableGau: Heart of the Veldt- Yet another story from the Final Fantasy VI storyline. This, obviously, is about Gau, but it’s done in a completely different way. It takes place within my ‘Terra’ continuum after Terra II but before Terra III (which isn’t posted yet, I know. I’m working on it.).
Gau: Heart of the Veldt  - February 1st, 2002

ReviewedThe Ace of Diamonds- This is a whopper, folks. It takes place the same time as ‘Terra’ with the first few chapters actually taking place a little before. In fact, before you read this one, I would recommend you read ‘Terra’. Anyway, ‘Ace of Diamonds’ is written from Setzer’s point of view. He’s bored with his life, now that any chance of excitement has gone the way of the dodo (Kefka being dead and all), but gets quite a surprise when he meets someone who embroils his life with mystery, passion, and a myriad of things that Lady Luck apparently doesn’t want him to have.
The Ace of Diamonds - February 1st, 2002

ReviewableAdventures of Youth- A cute little story (yes, it’s only 10 pages long) that takes place a few months after ‘Shadows of the Past’. This story revolves around Edgar and his transition into his father-type role with Terra’s adopted children. Very cute. Very sweet. Very much the ‘ahhh’.
Adventures of Youth - February 8th, 2002

Final Fantasy VII Fanfiction
ReviewedHelping Hands- Here's another one. It's short. Sweet. And will tick off all you Aeris fans who wanted her to get the guy. Sorry. :) I like Aeris. Really, I do. I guess her and Cloud would have made a cute couple, but Tifa seemed to be the 'odd man out', similar to Terra in my previous fanfic Terra. I have a tendency of feeling sorry for them and try to give them a better ending. One of the main reasons I wanted these two to get together was because of the fact that Tifa stood by him as a true friend would. She loved him enough to put her life on the line for him many times. I guess I figured she deserved something. And what about Cloud? Here he goes away to Midgar to prove that he's a somebody to Tifa and then all this crap happens making it impossible for the two of them to get together. (As you can see, I'm anxious for FFVIII to come out so that I can have an honest to goodness love story/RPG)

I attempted to keep the characters true to form and I hope I did well, considering I've played the game about a zillion times I'd say I have no excuse for anything else.

Helping Hands - May 19th, 1999

ReviewedA Rose By Any Other Name- Vincent. What else can you say but the name? Not only is he good looking and an awesome shot, but he's another tortured soul (my favorite character type). He had love, and lost it. He had a job, and lost it. He had a normal life (as normal as a Turk could have), and then Hojo experimented on him. Vincent also has a lot of the same qualities as Magus from Chrono Trigger (and Magus is another character who has always intrigued me). Powerful. Tortured. He lost someone close to him. He has a hard time making friends. And he has a tendency of being a man of few words. So, I thought I'd try to give him a little peace. Maybe not peace of mind, for only he could do that, but at least a little peace of spirit.
Chapter 1 - June 27th, 2000
Chapter 2 - June 27th, 2000
Chapter 3 - June 27th, 2000
Chapter 4 - June 27th, 2000
Chapter 5 - June 27th, 2000
Chapter 6 - June 27th, 2000
Chapter 7 - June 27th, 2000
Chapter 8 - June 27th, 2000
Chapter 9 - June 27th, 2000
Chapter 10 - August 10th, 2000
Chapter 11 - August 10th, 2000
Chapter 12 - August 10th, 2000
Chapter 13 - December 13th, 2000
Chapter 14 - December 13th, 2000
Chapter 15 - December 13th, 2000
Chapter 16 - December 13th, 2000
Chapter 17 - December 13th, 2000
Chapter 18 - December 13th, 2000
Epilogue - December 13th, 2000

ReviewableOf Damsels and Dragons- I was requested a while ago to write an Aeris/Sephiroth fanfic. While I cringed at the time, the challenge of doing what I believed had no basis in the game or in the imagination wouldn’t let me go. So I set to work trying to figure out how in the world I would get those two romantically entangled. This is the only way I could come up with.

If you like this story, I hope you’ll read my others.
Chapter 1: The Audition - May 9th, 2002
Chapter 2: Impressions - May 9th, 2002
Chapter 3: Adventures of Irresponsibility - May 9th, 2002
Chapter 4: A Dawning Interest - May 9th, 2002
Chapter 5: Cause and Effect - May 9th, 2002
Chapter 6: Garret Harrison - May 9th, 2002
Chapter 7: Rehearsals - May 9th, 2002
Chapter 8: Awkward Conversations of Bliss - May 9th, 2002
Chapter 9: Lectures - May 9th, 2002
Chapter 10: Schedules - May 9th, 2002
Chapter 11: A Lesson to Shakespeare - May 9th, 2002
Chapter 12: The Unwanted Epilogue - May 9th, 2002

Final Fantasy VIII Fanfiction
ReviewedBookworms and... Booya!- First I feel I must confess that Zell Dincht is my favorite character in the game. I felt that neither his persona nor Irvine's were given enough depth, even though I have this inkling that they are truly intense characters. All the time and effort, which I suppose is wise, was spent on Squall and Rinoa. Even then, there were a lot of holes to the storyline that should have been addressed other than by fan fiction... Sorry. Rambling.

The prospective story between Zell and the other character in this fic was hinted at within the game, but Square didn't take the opportunity. I couldn't leave the possibilities drifting. I had to take the pieces and fit them together. The act of gluing these pieces into the story B & B has become a lot of fun. So much, in fact, that from time to time I'll add days of adventure and whatnot for both. After all, who says the adventures of life and living and loving stop at the happy ending?
Chapter 1: Day One - February 8th, 2002, revised July 17th, 2003
Chapter 2: Day Two - July 17th, 2003
Chapter 3: Day Three - July 17th, 2003
Chapter 4: Day Four - July 17th, 2003
Chapter 5: Day Five - July 17th, 2003
Chapter 6: Day Six - Ma Dincht - July 17th, 2003
Chapter 7: Day Six - In Timber - July 17th, 2003
Chapter 8: Day Six - On the Way Back to Garden - July 17th, 2003
Chapter 9: Day Seven - July 17th, 2003

Final Fantasy Tactics Fanfiction
ReviewableFaces- Set directly after the final battle of Final Fantasy Tactics, Ramza must come to grips with his fulfilled destiny in order to accomplish the one that awaits him.
Faces - May 9th, 2002

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