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ReviewableOur Weapons of War Are Mighty
- After finishing Final Fantasy VII and soaking in that FMV-goodness, I had a very different slant on the ending. Seemed to me that Aeris was back. Cloud had said he knew where to find her, and also that her death by Sephiroth hadn't allowed her to cross over, she was stuck in the lifestream. So I figured when the lifestream came streaking out to bust up Meteor, she probably got out with it. So I started writing from there. Tell me what you think. You can reach me at Any and all criticism will be listened to, even if you tell me my writing only insults you and you will track me down and kill me if I don't stop writing, although I still probably won't quit.
Chapter 1 - July 29th, 1998
Chapter 2 - August 2nd, 1998
Chapter 3 - September 13th, 1998
Chapter 4 - October 19th, 1998

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